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Monday, 23 January 2012

How to Keep Baby Happy with Groovy Clothes and Nursery

Anyone who’s ever had a baby knows the importance of finding the ideal nursery furniture. The comfort of both you and your child is at stake when you look into the furniture for their nursery. Over the last two and a half years with Lara she has been in two different rooms and I have had to try a few different configurations before I found one that calmed her and kept her happy.

First and foremost, you must have a comfortable place for baby to sleep in order for them to stay contented. After all, how can anyone function properly without the benefit of sleep? Then there is your own comfort when you are sitting in the room. I like a couple of the nursery chairs that Vertbaudet offer, so that I will able to sit with my baby and soothe them when they won't settle. Specifically, the nursery chair, which is shaped like a flower. There are also more straightforward chairs offered by the same company, but the flower one is bright and cute.

vertbaudet nursery chair
Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

To help your baby stay active, the same company offers the Activity arch, which is available in two different colours. There are five different activities on the arch, and could keep a baby engrossed for long periods of time. Besides helping to make them drowsy, I also think the mobile would help to keep them occupied when they are wide awake. Verbaudet also offers an Activity mat for pretty much the same purpose.

I don’t know if it is more to keep baby happy or to keep me happy, but I also have my eye on the BEABA changing station for streamlining the process of nappy changing – my existing changing unit is very rickety! There are safety railings on the BEABA changing station, which I like the idea of. The side that you put the baby on is also washable, which is a big help.

Of course, we all know that bath time is a big part of any baby’s day. It’s really important to take care of bath time, or else you may unwittingly find yourself in the midst of chaos. I’ve found that Vertbaudet offers several items that help to make bath time go more smoothly. One of these items is the Hooded bathrobe, which is made from pure cotton. Babies respond positively to cotton material, as it feels soft on their skin after the bathtime. As a bonus, pure cotton is super absorbent, and acts as a towel. This bathrobe is available in several colours, including pink dark solid, grey medium solid, purple light solid, grey light solid, blue light solid, and pink light solid.

vertbaudet bathrobe
Image courtesy of Vertbaudet

Up the same alley is the Bath cape & wash mitt set, which of course is made more for during the bath than after the bath. This is a really cute garment, and it’s really helpful for when your baby is little and can’t really handle a full on bath yet. You can keep your little one warm with this item, and because it’s also made from a towel-like material, you don't have to worry about getting it wet. There’s a cute little deer graphic on this set as well.

In the world of nursery furniture and baby clothes, there are a million different options. Every baby is different, and there are several types of furniture that may work for a baby. The most important thing is to consider what might work for you in all of the scenarios above.

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