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Monday, 30 April 2012

That First Post-Birth Cup of Tea!

This is a sponsored post but trust me, that doesn't stop it being honest, relevant and fun to read.

A surreal moment happened in my last antenatal class just as we were all packing up our bags and coats to wave each other off for the last time before our babies were born. The kind of moment that brings everyone to a standstill. A bit like a minute's silence to remember the dead. It was a moment of recognition that each mum in that room could relate to, like we had all shared a sacred moment, or were all part of a secret society. It was the moment when we, as a collective, looked back with fond memories on that first cup of tea after childbirth. *sigh*

When I was pregnant with Lara, I stopped drinking tea at about 5 weeks pregnant because the thought and the taste of it physically repulsed me. I missed tea - my evening cup of english tea or an afternoon brew of a lighter White Tea had been somewhat of a ritual for many many years and all of a sudden, my tastes had changed. The repulsion stayed with me right up until the moment Lara was placed on my tummy in the operating theatre after birth. As I handed her back to the midwife to perform her checks, I clearly remember thinking "I could really do with a cup of tea".

That first cup of tea, once we were settled back together as a family in the delivery room awaiting a place on the ward was the most satisfying cup of tea I have ever consumed. It was strong and served in a standard-issue pastel-coloured hospital mug but oh my, it tasted good.

During this pregnancy I haven't felt the same way about tea and have been happily drinking my evening cuppa (thanks to the awesome Mr. B. who is my tea-monkey each evening). Mind you, I have consumed a lot more fruit tea, herbal tea and Green Tea in the mornings ever since I dropped one of my regular cups of coffee last summer when we were trying to conceive. I don't get the same sense of pleasure out of a cup of herbal or green tea though.

And so, here I am on the brink of childbirth once again and I'm waiting with anticipation for the feeling of that first new-mum cup of tea. :-)

You can follow all things tea-related on the Twinings Facebook page where, my comping followers will be really pleased to know that they run regular competitions and offer free samples.
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