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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Would You Take a Newborn to See Live Motorsports?

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Mr. B. is a big speedway fan. I'm more of a 4-wheel person myself and used to enjoy watching live touring car races and the occasional F1 treat when I was feeling flush. In the nearly 3 years that we have been parents, neither of us has been to see a live motorsport event.

I always thought we would have taken Lara to see her first speedway meeting before she turned 3 but it is looking increasingly less likely. This is down to a number of factors. Firstly, our local speedway track in Reading shut the season before Lara was born so if we want to go to a race, it has to be a big day out...perhaps even a weekend trip away from home. Secondly, we were worried about how Lara would handle the noise of the bike engines as a tiny baby. I think Mr. B was more worried than me – I had after all once sat in front of a 3 month old at an F1 race in Imola who wore a pair of baby-sized ear-defenders! Finally, I think we were both worried that Lara would get bored or upset and we would end up wasting our tickets by having to leave early.

Every year, the British Speedway Grand Prix takes place at the Millenium stadium in Cardiff. It is a phenomenal spectacle, whether you are a speedway fan or not. Before Lara came into our lives we would make a holiday of our trip and would stay for between 4-7 nights in a relaxing bed and breakfast in the Glamorganshire countryside or one of the many holiday cottages Wales has to offer (yes, even within a short drive of Cardiff city centre). One of our favourite places is a vineyard (yes, a welsh vineyard) just outside Cardiff which offers bed and breakfast and self-catering holidays and is very family friendly with a nature trail and farm animals).

This year, to avoid a clash with the Olympics, the speedway GP is being held quite late in the year at the end of August. Baby Button will be pretty much 4 months old by then and I really am considering the possibility that we could go, as a family to the Speedway. Do you think 4 months is too young to go to a live motorsports event?

I'm tempted to make a holiday of it again but perhaps this time, go for slightly longer and make a real holiday of it and drive further into Wales and along the Pembrokeshire coast after a couple of days in Cardiff for the speedway. There seem to be plenty of holiday cottages Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire have to offer. Leave me a comment with any tips for accommodation or places to visit!

I feel like, if we can balance a big motorsports event with some relaxation time AND invest in some good pairs of headphones for Lara and the baby, that a trip to the speedway this summer is do-able. I think however, I might hold off on the Formula One for a little while!

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