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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Magic Moves® Wand - Review & Giveaway News!

Lara has been testing out the Magic Moves® Wand from Learning Resources.  The Magic Moves Wand is an activity toy that speaks a series of commands that encourage your child to get moving.  There are 90 physical commands such as "stomp like a dinosaur" and "flap like a bat" alongside twinkling lights and tinkly tunes to get your children up and about.

I really thought Lara was going to enjoy the Magic Moves Wand because they do something similar at nursery each Friday morning.  She seemed excited by the flashing lights at the top of the wand and by the loud music (it does go quieter but she always puts it on the loudest setting).  Lara is even quite fascinated by the different commands; "hop like a kangaroo" is her favourite but I just can't get her to join in.  When Lara plays with the wand she wants to be waving the wand and making every one else follow the commands!

I was a bit disappointed that the Magic Moves Wand didn't have a UK English voice on it - to me this is incredibly important for a child's toy.  I also found that although there are 90 commands that we only ever hear a small subset of these; it doesn't feel like it is random enough!  I really like the idea of the Magic Moves wand as I can see that it would promote imagination and creativity while also getting your children up off the sofa.  I reckon that it would be perfect for a children's birthday party because all the children could get involved and take it in turns to hold the wand and press the buttons.

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