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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Our HOME launch Party #HomeDigitalHD

Today we held our own Home movie party to celebrate the launch, earlier this week, of Home, 'Party Edition' on digital HD download.

The girls helped to decorate the house with bunting, drawings and alien-themed stickers in readiness for our family movie party.  Holly really wanted to bake cakes for the party so we set-to and made cupcakes with purple Boov-coloured icing and lots of brightly coloured toppings.

We watched Home through digital download into my iTunes account and played it on the big TV through Apple TV.

Home is the story of Oh, a purple alien whose race, the Boov, have escaped their enemies by taking over planet Earth.  Oh doesn't have a lot of friends, and even less when he gives away the Boov's location to their evil enemies!

Oh makes an unlikely friend with Tip, a girl who is determined to find out where the Boov took her mum.  Togther Oh, Tip and her pet cat make a hilarious journey together.  Lara laughed out loud regularly throughout the movie and Holly particularly loved Oh's slapstick mistakes.  I loved the cat who was regularly found "mashing" Oh's purple head with his claws!

I was a bit worried that Lara wouldn't understand the Boov's slightly funny way of speaking, but I think she managed to follow what Oh was trying to say.  Hollyj ust loved watching all the silliness such as a squirty nacho cheese machine weapon on the front of the flying car, or the mundane human specialties that the Boov's leader finds so fascinating, such as bubble wrap, vaccuum cleaners and rubber tyres!

You can explore the world of the Boov at and maybe host your own Home movie party.  Home is available for digital download NOW!
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