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Thursday 3 November 2016

Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail and Wish Come True Purse Review

Shimmer and Shine is a TV show that Holly and Lara have both enjoyed - it features two young genies-in-training and there is a brand new collection of Shimmer and Shine toys out now which allows every little Shimmer and Shine fan to dress up like their favourite genie and role play until their heart's content.

Look at this sparkly blue genie's pony tail - Holly is so immensely proud of her "new" hairstyle. The Shimmer and Shine pony tail is available to buy in both pink (to be like Shimmer) and blue (to be like Shine).  It is a long pony tail that you attach to your own hair using a comb and an elastic.  It took a bit of getting used to before I could put it into Holly's hair without it falling straight back out, but that may be because I'm not much good at putting Holly's hair into a bun, and not much good at putting in hair combs!  Anyway, once you've managed to get the hair comb to stay put, you flip your head back down and voila, one beautiful genie hair style!

The pony tail comes with a sparkly band where it sits on your head and it has a big sparkly "gem" in the centre. This matches wonderfully with the gemmed arm bands that you'll find in the Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Purse Set.

The purse set includes a hard plastic purse in the shape of Shimmer or Shine's favourite pet, either Tala or Nahal. It also includes two gemmed arm bands, a necklace with a magical amulet, a hair brush (handy for brushing your pony tail!) and two small sheets of stickers.

The set is aimed at Shimmer and Shine fans from age 3-6 but we found the arm bands to be a little bit tight for Holly who is 4. Holly loves the purse and has tried to sneak it to school already filled with all sorts of stuff such as hair clips and pencils!  The necklace is also fun; it looks like a little magical pot and when you twist the lid, one of three different pictures is shown on the front.  Holly likes the necklace because it feels like it completes her outfit.  There is definitely a big dressing up theme with these new Shimmer and Shine products and Holly LOVES LOVES LOVES dressing up.

The two sticker sheets were a little disappointing - they're very small and Holly found them hard to peel off so I had to do it for her. The stickers lasted a couple of minutes as Holly stuck them mainly onto my T-shirt.  The purse however is much more of a hit. It's a very sturdy hard plastic purse that opens up like a butterfly. There is a sparkly gem and reflective eyes to give it a bit of bling and Holly seems very taken with it.

The combination of the pony tail, the arm bands, necklace and purse makes Holly feel very glamorous and she is enjoying the feeling of looking very different to normal when she wears these.

The Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True purse set costs around £14.99 and you can find it in both Tala and Nahal designs. The Shimmer and Shine pony tails cost £9.99 each and you can find them at Toys R Us.
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