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Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Great Cream Robbery from Rodda's

You may have noticed special packs of Rodda's clotted cream recently that have codes you can use to enter to win a copy of a very special children's picture book - The Great Cream Robbery by James Medd and Victora Sawdon.  This fun tale of a feline criminal has been launched to celebrate Rodda's 125th anniversary.

The Great Cream Robbery is a tale about Merryn the cat, Cornwall's cleverest criminal. Merryn has a cunning plan to take over a clotted creamery and recruits Blue, the seagull, to help her.  Merryn tries a few different plots but the one that finally works really put a smile onto Lara's face as it is a topic that we quite often debate in the mellow household... do cows REALLY have to sit down when its about to rain?

Unfortunately, clever Merryn hadn't accounted for quite how popular clotted cream really is and finds her plans are ruined... but interestingly enough, this works out rather well for everyone involved.

The Great Cream Robbery is a fun story packed full of illustrations that bring back great memories of holidays in cornwall.  The story telling itself isn't the cleverest, sleekest or most appealing to children but its readable, and Lara and Holly both enjoyed the story behind the words and it has got them thinking about our forthcoming summer holiday...

...if there is one thing that Lara, Holly, Mummy and Daddy are looking forward to on our summer holiday this year it is the chance for plenty of cream teas with clotted cream!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

#VieraVIPClub 2015 - a new era of smart TVs

Today I've been schmoozing with other tech bloggers and family bloggers at Panasonic's UK headquarters.  This year I'm continuing as a member of the Panasonic Viera VIP Club, as part of which I get to learn about all the exciting new advancements in the world of smart TVs.

As a family blogger, I'm big on family-friendly features of home televisions and I'm so glad to see for myself what MASSIVE changes have been made to the user interfaces and smart TV offerings at Panasonic since this time last year.  The new Mozilla Firefox operating system has revolutionised the user interface on the Panasonic Viera televisions and has transformed what was previously a clever-but-clunky interface into something bright, bold and fully accessible to people of all ages.  Over the next twelve months I'm looking forward to getting a chance to road test the new interface with my 3 year old and 6 year old.

Panasonic Viera Mozilla Firefox Interface

This year, Panasonic have three BIG themes they're really shouting from the rooftops about.

1. Picture quality (this, after all, is what Viera's 4K Ultra High Definition LED TVs are all about)
2. Their shiny new user interface and browser
3. The forthcoming launch of Freeview Play; Panasonic TVs will be the first televisions to host this new era of Freeview which allows internet streaming of freeview programmes you may have missed.

Panasonic are, quite rightly, very proud of the quality of the picture on their 2015 range of Viera televisions.  Stand next to one of their 4K HD Pro televisions when it is showing something like this (below) and you'll understand why.  The colour is stunning and the contrast is astonishing, even compared to last year's offerings.

At the kick-off event for the 2015 Viera VIP Club activities we got to have a try at making our very own 4k Ultra High Definition movies using Panasonic Lumix cameras.  It was great fun trying to capture the very moment that a droplet of liquid splashes, or the gentle hum of a bumble bee's wings. I can't wait to share some of our creations with you (of course, they'll look their most impressive if you watch them directly from the camera on a 4K-friendly Panasonic Viera television!)

Exploring the exciting world of Panasonic Tech!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Squeaky Jumpers Review

Holly is growing faster than I care to acknowledge.  Within the space of the last two months, Holly has magically transformed from a boisterous toddler to a talkative, tall young girl.  Holly is such a fun, smiley young girl with a cheeky streak and this beautiful brightly coloured sweatshirt from Squeaky Jumpers is a perfect match for her - it has its own cheeky little surprise as well.

Inside Holly's children's sweatshirt, one of the frogs is backed by a squeaker!  Sealed safely inside the fabric of the jumper, the squeaker has already provided so much fun - it certainly takes strangers by surprise!

Squeaky Jumpers are fun, novelty sweatshirts designed and made in the UK - the best thing is that they aren't just for kids!  Squeaky Jumpers make squeaky animal sweatshirts for men and women too.  Each jumper features a bold animal print such as frogs, dogs and pigs; on each design one of the prints is backed by the squeaker.

Holly thinks that this jumper is the business.  She loves it, and, as you can see, she's a bit of a poser in it.  This makes me ecstatic because, in recent times, Holly has actively refused a jumper or cardigan of any sort.  I think that the fleecy inside of the jumper helps because it means that its soft and comfortable to wear.

I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the jumper, especially around the neck and cuffs - the print is great too (nice and thick).  You can certainly tell that the quality of the product has been put high on the list of Squeaky Jumpers priorities.

Squeaky Jumpers are available for children ages 2-12 from around £24.99 and for adults from around £39.95.

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