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Monday, 15 December 2014

#TeamChallenge10 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Brrrr, it has got a bit chilly and, I will admit, that I have struggled to find the motivation to get out and get running this month.  Right now, I am very glad that I booked myself onto a couple of races for December because I need a good reason to force myself to get out in the dark and the cold and pound those streets.

I have found that 'Virtual Races' from have been a great source of inspiration for me this month.  I very nearly didn't register for the 4 December virtual 5km runs as I wasn't sure that it was a good use of my money but I am sooooo glad that I did.  A virtual race works by allowing you to run (or walk or crawl) your race distance at a time and location that suits you.  Then you go out and run your little legs off and report back with your time.  Every person who completes their virtual run wins a medal and there are spot prizes on offer as well.  In most cases, a portion of your race fee goes to a nominated charity.

During the first week of December, I hardly got out to run at all.  All of my planned runs were postponed due to work, Christmas parties or birthday lunches.  By the time that it got to Sunday afternoon I couldn't escape the run any longer.  I put on my shoes and focussed my mind on that 5k virtual race.  I pushed hard.  My head hated it and tried on many many occasions to stop me.  But I stuck with it and shaved another 11 seconds of my 5k personal best.  I jogged on, planning to finish a circular route home with a couple of very slow kilometres of warm-down.

As I completed out the next couple of k, I realised that even if I just kept jogging at my warm down pace, I would manage a 10k personal best as well so I quickly altered my route home, added a few more kilometres to my plan and picked up the pace.  I eventually knocked two and a half minutes off my 10k PB.  Whoop.  Strava loved me that day.  And I earned myself a festive medal as a bonus.

Yesterday I completed my first real race of December - a muddy and frosty mixed-terrain route at the Muddy Welly 10k.  By my Garmin's calculations it was quite a bit short of 10k but I was still REALLY pleased with my time of 1:02:49 including a storming sprint finish!  All in all it was good practice for the now infamous "Gutbuster" race on the 28th December when I'm expecting it to be brrrrrrrrr freezing!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

ASDA Best for Mums Christmas Beauty Gifts

You know me, I love a bit of a pampering treat.  ASDA sent me over one of their pampering beauty gifts from the nSpa range as a bit of a peak at their ASDA 'best for mums' range of Christmas gifts.

This nSpa Spa Rituals gift set features their uplifting Orange Blossom and Honey range of pamper products presented in a bright, floral gift set.  The set includes a large body polish and a showe/bath wash as well as a fragranced body mist, small soft body polisher and a tub of luxurious body butter all scented with the sweet fruity smell of orange blossom and honey.

I've tried using the nSpa orange and honey blossom body polish with the soft hand-held body polisher and I think it works a treat.  A good balance between a practical exfoliating body scrub and a fragranced shower gel.  The soft polishing pad is made for petite hands (not like mine) but it does compliment the product well.

nSpa products are inspired by Nirvana spa, a stunning day spa no more than a mile from my house (and a favourite haunt, when I have the time or the money).  The scents remind me a lot of my rare, luxuirious days at Nirvana and it is great to be able to bring the feeling of a spa into my own bathroom.  The nSpa products are enjoyable to use, even if they aren't the very peak of cosmetic luxury.

I'm really pleased with this ASDA nSpa gift set and would certainly be happy if I received it as a gift from someone special this Christmas.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

M&S Baby - Videos for new parents

M&S have launched a new baby section on M& and, to mark the launch, they've put together two helpful videos for new parents with the help of the National Childbirth Trust.

This video is one of two M&S videos to help new parents with ideas for what to buy in the run up to the arrival of their little one - with a little help from the NCT, M& have put together two down-to-earth videos discussing the main things you need to put into your hospital bag, or to fill your baby's nursery.

Decorating and planning a new baby's nursery is such an exciting time - I've done it twice now and both times I loved planning out all of the bedding and decoration but I found it really important to balance the pretty parts with practicality.  When you're planning a nursery you need to think about where you will store all of your baby's clothes, and where you will change their nappies (and store all of the nappy paraphernalia).

Our nursery is still full of cuddly toys and new baby gifts but I admit that I still struggle for space for all of our baby and toddler clothes.  Little people get through a lot of changes of outfit!

The new baby section at M& features beautiful Marks and Spencer clothing for babies from birth to two years old.  Alongside clothing you can find gifts, nightwear, bedding and new baby essentials (as well as a few bits and bobs for mum to be).

Also look out for their hospital bag checklist and new baby feeding checklist so that you can make sure you've ticked off everything you'll need before the big day.

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