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Sunday 29 November 2009

Would you take your baby to a gig?

Last night I went to an Eddie Izzard gig in Brighton. We dropped the munchkin off with her Grandparents and drove down; had a great meal, several drinks, watched a gig and then stayed the night with friends. It was the first time that we had left our little girl for an entire night and although there was this small niggling worry about the fact that it would be the first time ever that she had woken up in the morning without immediately being offered boob... but I'm generally very mellow about leaving her with other people, and as a result, she is very mellow about being left!

In the theatre, waiting for the show to start, there appeared on the big screen a close up of a baby. Sure enough, sitting a few rows from the front, there was a couple with a baby who must have been pretty much the same age as Lara, no more than 6 months old.

Annoyingly, I then spent most of the show wondering whether or not I should have bought Lara along with me. Am I a bad mum for abandoning her for the evening? Or is it cool that I can still go out with my hubbie, and my friends and enjoy being a grown up? Did the other couple feel strongly that their lives should go on unchanged with their little one joining in with everything they do? Was it because the Mum wanted to breastfeed, if so, could she not express and leave her little one with a babysitter? What did the people sitting in the seats around them think? What would happen if the baby started screaming? Would the parents really get to enjoy the show? Or would they be worrying about the baby? Would the noises be too loud for the baby? Are you really allowed to bring a child into a comedy gig? Would the baby be able to fall asleep with so much going on around them? Does a baby that young really appreciate Eddie Izzard's type of humour? So many questions..!

Anyway, the Dad had to leave the show about 20 minutes before the end, presumably because baby was getting irritable. After that, I chilled out and enjoyed a few more drinks. In the morning we rushed home to see the lovely munchkin. She hadn't missed us one bit! I'm glad I didn't take her wouldn't have been the same at all.

Would you take your baby to a gig?

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