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Wednesday 30 December 2009

My Goals For 2010

Inspired by A Mum's Survival Guide, here is a list of my goals for 2010 (I figured that if I capture them on my blog then I can't escape them!):-

  • Find the correct work/mummy balance
      I go back to work from maternity leave in January for 4 days a week. It is going to be a big change and I know it will be hard work but I'm confident that I can get it right.
  • Shift my pregnancy weight

      It took me so long to get properly mobile again after Lara was born that most of my plans for post-pregnancy fitness went out of the door. I DID join a gym but I've barely been and the likelihood of me going once I am back at work is low. But, however I manage it, I MUST get back into all my old clothes; two pairs of (tight) jeans is simply not enough to get by!
  • Find a home for our family
      We plan to move at some point during 2010. We need to save up before we do so and we need to think really hard about what we are looking for in a family home for the future.
  • Use the sewing machine
      I own a shiny sewing machine that has barely been used. Now I am a Mummy, I feel like I should be using it more. I see great opportunities for cute baby girl dresses and drawstring toy bags.
  • Spread the mellow mood
      I'm beginning to worry that when I go back to work that I won't have time to blog. I SHALL find the time, even if I only post once a week, I'd like to keep Mellow Mummy going. I know a lot of stressed out mummies and mums-to-be who need my help!
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