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Sunday 28 June 2015

Summer Crocs We Love

This weekend we've been camping.  A new experience for all of us.  The girls have spent the entire weekend in their Crocs as they're so flexible for easy play, comfy evenings and fast turnaround when you have to take a late-night trip to the facilities!

The girls were sent a pair of Crocs from the summer range of children's Crocs, designed to help you #FindYourFun this summer.

Holly's Crocs are a pair of Girls Creative Frozen Clogs with a solid panel over the top of the foot showing her two favourite heroines, Anna and Elsa!  There are sparkly snowflakes and lettering across the foot and on the foot strap.  Holly was speechless when she first saw them and has worn her Crocs more or less non-stop each weekend as they're sturdy enough to be suitable for almost anything we throw at them during a normal weekend!  On our camping trip, they were so easy for Holly to slip on and off whenever she went in and out of the tent.  She was equally happy climbing trees in them as she was racing off across the fields.

Frozen is just one of the children's themes you'll find on Crocs this summer, look out for Minions, Star Wars, Turtles and Hello Kitty.  The Frozen clogs are available from an infant size 4, through to a junior size 1.

Lara's Crocs are a thing of beauty.  And, once again, Lara would quite happily live in these if she were allowed to wear them to school!  The brightly coloured butterly and heart design isn't the only feature of these traditional Crocs that appeals to Lara - they light up as well!  These are CrocsLights.

CrocsLights clogs are available in a number of bright children's designs and they feature a series of LEDs around the butterfly design which light up as you walk.  I had thought that our light-up shoe days were behind us and was surprised to see that CrocsLights were available in larger children's sizes (they are available from size 8, upto a junior 3).  To be very honest, I think both Lara and I have been far more impressed with the design of the shoes than with the lights!  On most sunny days you can't even notice the lights but during our camping trip, as the light dipped you could see the lightning flash of LEDs travel around the band on the shoes as she ran across the field.

These CrocsLight butterfly clogs are a beautiful, comfortable shoe that is light and flexible and perfect for summer days, holidays and... I can now confirm... camping trips!

The CrocsLight butterfly clogs cost £34.99 and the Creative Frozen Clogs cost £26.99 are are available from
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