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Sunday 10 April 2016

Under the Sea with Plasticine Softeez

I remember Plasticine as a kid - fun times! As an adult I'd previously steered away because we found it so firm and hard for little hands to get soft enough to model with but the great news is that Plasticine Softeez has been launched - a much softer modelling material which never dries out and this makes it much more appealing to me. We were sent some packs of Plasticine and a modelling set to create out own Under the Sea scene.

Our Under the Sea kit included a play mat (important if you don't have a wipe clean tablecloth because Plasticine has a slightly greasy residue which is great for keeping it soft, but which needs a good clean off the table and hands after playing). The mat features an under water scene and it is a great start for inspiration for modelling fish and underwater creatures. The kit includes a selection of different colours of Plasticine and a few shaped cutters including an octopus, a whale and a seahorse. My girls also enjoyed creating their own fish using multi-coloured blends of coloured Plasticine for the scales.

I'm really pleased with the levels of creativity that both girls have come up with, presented with the Plasticine - they seem to both have approached it in a much more grown-up way than just merging colours together. Lara was particularly taken with the simple packs of single-coloured plasticine that she thought carefully about in order to create her own turtle for the scene! My girls have enjoyed cutting, rolling, squishing, shaping and imagining.

Plasticine Softeez isn't exactly soft... it still needs a little bit of work to warm it up and get it really squishy but I think that's a good thing for slightly older children as it means their models stand a chance of staying in one piece.

Perhaps the thing I'm liking most about Plasticine is that it doesn't dry out. Holly is a particular minx for not putting toys away when she is finished and I've lost count of the number of pots of dough I've had to throw away in the past having discovered them completely dried out. Plasticine Softeez stays the same texture even if we leave it out overnight so it is a lot less wasteful!

We like the fact that you can get kits for inspiration such as the Under the Sea kit, or a mini starter tub but that once the Plasticine bug has gripped, you can top up with individual colours when needed. Plasticine Softeez is suitable from age 3 upwards.  Both my girls have very much enjoyed playing with it and I am sure they will continue creating masterpieces.  Lara was recently very inspired by some Plasticine dinosaurs some of the parents at school had made...she wants to create some as good as a grown-up could!

If you are looking for more Plasticine inspiration, join them on twitter or instagram as @PlasticineUK or follow them on Facebook.
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