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Saturday 30 April 2016

Gazillion 33-in-1 Incredibubble Wand Review

Today was Holly's 4th birthday party and we played host to a very wild group of 4 year old girls in our back garden. We had great fun playing outside and the star of the show was this amazing Gazillion 33-in-1 Incredibubble Wand which we used to create clouds of brilliant bubbles to chase and pop.

Tha Gazillion 33-in-1 Incredibubble Wand is so easy to use even for small people - simply pour a thin layer of the Gazillion preium bubble mixture into the tray, dip the wand and then wave the wand as slowly or as quickly as you like to produce gazillions on bubbles!  With 33 bubble wands in one wand head you quickly fill the air with bubbles.

Lara and Holly really enjoyed whirling around the garden creating bubbles and it was brilliant to see all of the faces beaming with smiles at Holly's party when we blew so many bubbles for them to chase.  Lara's technique of choice is to stand still and then whirl around in a circle until she gets dizzy.  Holly likes to wave the wand around more gently in a figure of eight.

The volume of bubbles is quite frankly astonishing.  Within seconds our entire back garden was full of bubbles and the girls were all running around trying to pop them.  Unlike a little pot of bubbles (your usual party bag fare) there is far less chance of sticky fingers having to dip in and out of a tiny pot because the wand itself has a nice long handle so you can stay well out of the way of the bubble mixture yourself.

If you are very careful you can also use this bubble wand to blow really big bubbles that are absolutely mesmerising - in the middle of the wand is a single round circle which can make long, wide bubbles that you'd never manage using an old-fashioned bubble wand.  The Gazillion Incredibubble wand really has taken our bubble-blowing antics to new heights.

The Gazillion 33-in-1 Incredibubble wand comes with a bottle of bubble mixture - Lara and Holly quickly used it up so it is good to know that you can buy 2l bottles of it at Argos.  Right now at Argos you can buy this 33-in-1 Incredibubble wand AND the Gazillion Incredibubble Wand (which makes super-sized bubbles as big as yourself) for just £19.99.

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