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Sunday 26 June 2016

Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf - Redeem Yours Now

This is Mary Go-Round, the Carousel Pony Zelf who is the rarest limited edition Zelfs yet with only 400 to be claimed here in the UK.  May Go-Round can be redeemed for free online at with £30 of receipts for 2016 Zelfs purchases.

The Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf is a sparkly, floral zelf who is part carousel pony, part Zelf.  She has gentle pink and white hair and a spun tail. She comes with a brush and a hair styling attachment as well as a little certificate of authenticity which shows how few of these Zelfs have been issued the world over.  Mary Go-Round is a special addition to anyone's collection.

Lara and Holly both loves this dainty little addition to their Zelf collection - Mary Go-Round has a single horn and a sparkly saddle. Her head and arms move.  Holly could brush her hair for hours.

Series 6 of the Zelfs will be available to purchase at the end of July - you can keep up-to-date with Zelfs news when you join the zelfs club at  Don't forget, if you've bought Zelfs this year then you could claim one of these limited edition carousel pony zelfs for free!
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