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Sunday 12 June 2016

Play-Doh Town Review

Holly is a bit of a Play-Doh monster.  She plays with Play-Doh almost every morning before she goes to nursery and I often get home in the evening to realise that we left in a rush and it is all still where she left it on the dining table.  Holly's latest thing is making Play-Doh beards...which is surprisingly easy to do with the new Play-Doh town range!

Hasbro have just launched a new range of Play-Doh toys which are designed to encourage imaginative play by allowing you to build a whole town made from Play-Doh.  In the town you'll find a pet shop, a fire station and an ice-cream van (and I'm sure there will be more to come).  Holly is testing out the new Play-Doh Fire Truck which is a wheeled truck that you can zoom around the table through your imaginary dough town and which you can use to create shapes and squirt play doh.

The set comes with three small pots of coloured play-doh, one of which includes some toy flames which also double up as a shape-stamper.  In fact, you'll find little stampers and moulds hidden all over the fire engine as well for making badges, and flames and hoses.

The fire engine set comes with a Play-Doh Town character with a little axe (handy for chopping play doh wood with!) and whose hat can be used to squeeze doh out through his head and through his chin to make a stunning Play-Doh beard.  Huzzah!

But a squeezy beard maker isn't the thing that Holly MOST enjoys about the fire engine... oh no, this fire engine comes with the ultimate in squeezy Play-doh fun.  A fire hose from which you can splurge blue (or inevitably brown) play doh into streams of pretend water.  The girls LOVE it!  Who cares about the fact that this is a working play vehicle, and that the fireman can sit in his cab and drive? When you can squeeze play doh out of the top of a fire truck, life is good.

I've never seen Holly and Lara invest so much time in "play" rather than "construction" with Play-Doh before we received this set; it seems to have brought things to life a little.  Imaginative play mixed with creativity is a fabulous combination.  Even the pots themselves have been brought into play as towers (one of them has windows) and obstacles that the fire engine has to swerve around.

This Play-Doh Town fire truck play set costs around £14.99 and is available from Argos.
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