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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Holly's First School Shoes - From Debenhams

Today I took Holly for her transition day to visit her new school where she will start in reception in September.  Holly was so excited all morning that I think she wore herself out so she was a bit quiet when we got to school but in general it seemed like a hit and now she is very eager to get going at school.

In readiness for the transition for school, this weekend we bought Holly her first ever pair of school shoes.  Our school is (at least for the time being) a non-uniform school (although it is looking increasingly likely that a uniform will soon be introduced); despite this, we like the girls to start with a simple uniform to try and make the distinction between school and play a little more distinct.  Holly absolutely loves smart shoes but she doesn't often find an opportunity to wear them so when I told her that she could choose a pair of smart shoes from the  Debenhams school shoes range, she was over the moon.

Just as her older sister did three years ago, Holly chose a very feminine Mary-Jane style of shoe which looks dainty, and which is very easy for small hands to take on and off.  These black patent rip-tape school shoes have a thin, simple velcro-style fastening. There is a little bow sewn on to the front of the shoe to add a little interest to the design. It's simple and stylish and EXACTLY what Holly wanted.

The shoes are, of course, patent.  What is it about little girls being attracted to shiny patent shoes??? Thankfully I am armed with a little bottle of patent restorer to touch up any scratches but I'm hoping that Holly will be less destructive with her shoes than her big sister is!

The difference between these mary jane shoes and many others I've tried is that these Debenhams own-brand shoes have got a nice padded patch around the back of the shoe where it would normally rub against the ankle. The shoes have a thick padded base. They really don't look or feel like a pair of shoes that cost less than £18.

Of course, Holly is so excited about her new school shoes that she wants to wear them every day!  I've had to disappear them for a little while but she can wear them to school on her taster days so that she really feels the part.  She will be wearing them proudly when she goes back to school in September.

Disclosure: Holly’s new shoes were bought using a gift card from Debenhams as part of their back to school campaign
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