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Thursday 14 July 2016

Learning to Ride - The Bumps and Bruises

This Summer we are hoping to teach Holly to ride without stabilisers on her bike. With Lara it took a good couple of years before she could ride a bicycle unaided but I have a funny feeling that Holly is just going to go for it.

When you're learning to ride a bike, you have to be prepared for a fair few bumps and bruises along the way.  Holly is a little whirlwind and she tends to have plenty of bruises even on a normal day but we are kitting ourselves out with a tube of Germolene Antiseptic Cream ready for when the grazed knees and knuckles need a bit of love and attention during Holly's learning adventure this summer.

This summer Germolene have compiled a list of the top 10 injuries that people remember from their own childhood - their scar stories!  It sounds a bit scary but Germolene think that childhood adventures should be encouraged as when you look back on the bumps and bruises, we all have fond childhood memories of some of our little accidents from when we were playing.

How many of these do you remember from your childhood?

1. Mr Bump

Taking the top spot by a long way was falling over or bumping into something or someone. Whether it was flying towards the ice cream van, hitting our face against a brick wall or bashing heads with a friend or family member, this is how most of us clumsy lot seemed to acquire our bumps, bruises and scars.

2. Total Wipe Out

Many of us will remember riding round on our bikes for hours on end in the summertime without a care in the world, that is until we found ourselves plummeting over the handle bars after attempting a ‘wheelie’ that went wrong. This came a close second, so keep those helmets and knee pads handy next time your kids head out or they may end up coming back with more than they bargained for.

3. Kiss Chase

The name should already send warning signs, but childhood games like ‘kiss chase’ or ‘bulldog’ only ever ended up with tears before bedtime! One of our favourite lunchtime activities involved dashing around the playground, chasing school friends at high speed, which would inevitably end up with a trip to the school nurse and a bandage wrapped around our head like a badge of honour.

4. Puppy Love

When it comes to animal lovers, pets provide great playmates for children and for many households, cats and dogs become an extension of their own family. But from time to time, it seems many people remember falling out with their beloved pets and being playful led to a little nip or scratch when they both got a bit too overexcited.

5. Go Ape

One the best things about being a child was our lack of fear. Whether climbing the tallest tree or jumping from the highest step was all part of the fun and adventure. Maybe the fear we develop as adults comes from the scars caused by the branches and bricks we hit on the way down.

6. Sibling Rivalry

Those with a brother or sister will know that you will not always get on in life. One minute your sibling is on your side, the next they are blaming you when something gets smashed, scratched or torn - and they’re off quickly telling tales to mum or dad. It’s no wonder then that so many people recall sibling rivalry as one of the main culprits behind the odd bruise and scrape when they were younger.

7. Bounce Back

A bump to the head is another injury we remember when we were children, often acquired after bouncing off the walls, when we decided it was a good idea to bounce and jump on the bed after being sent to sleep by our parents.

8. Nailed it

This has to be one of the most painful memories that made the top ten list. It seems stepping on a nail or screw left lying around the house or garden was a fairly common hazard, and one that most of us would rather forget.

9. Looking Sharp

It’s clear to see why some people have more of a ‘glass half empty’ approach to life, as several unlucky ones remember suffering from bleeding fingers and thumbs after cutting themselves on broken glass as a child.

10. Sticks and Stones

Last but not least, this common saying seems to resonate with many people, as the number 10 childhood injury comes from falling onto or being hit by sticks or stones.

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