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Sunday 24 January 2010

The Sunday Review – Splash About Happy Nappy

I first took Lara swimming at 3 months old and she started her first swimming lessons at 4 months. I bought her a 'Happy Nappy' by Splash About because it is the brand of swim nappy that was politely insisted upon by the company that offered baby swimming lessons at my local pool. I ended up choosing a lesson provider who doesn't insist on any particular brand but despite being given a Kooshies swim nappy for Lara to try out, I wouldn't change my decision to use the Splash About Happy Nappy at all. I'm so pleased with the Happy Nappy, that I have recently invested in the next size up.

Most swimming pools that run baby swimming lessons insist on the 'double nappy system'. By this they mean that to ensure that stinky accidents don't cause the pool to have to be drained for hygiene reasons, your baby has to wear two layers of nappy. The inner layer should be a disposable aqua nappy (I use Huggies Little Swimmers) and this should be held securely in place by an outer layer of fabric swimming nappy that is tight against the skin.

The Splash About Happy Nappy is made of neoprene (the material from which they make wetsuits) which is designed to keep baby warm. The wide legs and waistband are made of a stretchy, rubber-based fabric which ensures that they stay firmly against your baby's skin without being so tight as to cause discomfort. The nappy is supple so doesn't restrict swimming movement and it is easy to get on and off as there are no ties to do up.

Lara has left me a number of surprises in her nappy during her swimming lessons but I can get into the pool each week with total confidence that if she does, then it won't leak and cause the lesson to be abandoned (which would cause a lot of embarrassment because it would mean that all lessons for the rest of the day would have to be cancelled).

The Happy Nappy comes in a range of bright colours and in sizes from early baby right through to toddlers. They cost around £8.50 to £9.50, depending on where you buy them. Splash About also sell body-wraps, full-body swim suits and a number of UV protection products which complement one another. They have also recently launched their own inner-nappy which is a double-nappy system that uses a re-usable cotton nappy wrap and avoids the need to use a disposable aqua nappy.

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