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Friday 22 January 2010

An Email From Mummy - How're things going with the childminders?
Subject:How are things going with the childminders?

Dear Lara,

How have you enjoyed your first real week with your childminders? Last week you only got to spend one day with one of them, and two with your naughty Auntie so I guess this week has been very different for you with two whole days spent with each of your new carers.

Do you miss Mummy and Daddy when we leave you and head off to work for the day? Or do you have so much fun playing with the older children and seeing new faces and places that you forget about us?

You're such a lucky girl to have so many new friends of different ages to walk to and from school with in the mornings and afternoons - it'll be a few years yet before Mummy has to do a school run! And (not that I'm jealous of your social life or anything) you are very lucky to get to go out and do exciting things like meeting lots of other babies at the toddler group or going to the playground to watch the older children play in the cold - these are things you rarely got to do when I was at home with you.

I've heard that you have had lots of trouble with your teeth this week. Poor you. But, thank you for making the childminder's lives hellish, rather than mine! ehehehe.

I know that the format of your day is a bit different to what you had been used to recently. It's not that surprising really because Mummy never had to go out in the afternoon to pick children up from school. I'm sure you'll get used to it very soon because you're mellow about these things, like me. Plus, it'll do you good to have different schedules with different people on different days of the week - it means you won't get stuck in a rut and that you'll be more flexible to change. Cool.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the cheeky smile of recognition that you give us each evening when you notice us as we come to pick you up from the childminder. It really makes my day. Whatever you're doing (whether its violently throwing toys about, clinging on to your childminder, or sitting up at the dinner table with the big girls), when you hear our voices you turn your head towards us, your eyes twinkle, and slowly your face transforms; that wonderful, unique smile that you save for just that moment creeps across your face. It almost makes it worth leaving you for a whole day just to see that smile!

I hope that you are enjoying your new way of life with the childminders but I also hope you'll enjoy your Mummy-days just as much.

Love you loads

Mummy x

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