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Wednesday 24 March 2010

Introducing... Me!

Meet Emma. Meet the Emma of 10 years ago who developed and printed her own photos (ah, to be back at University!)

Meet Emma, she's a multi-faceted character. Made up of lots of different pieces; a little bit of this.... cut it up and juxtapose it with a little bit of that.... Meet Emma the mum, Emma the photographer, Emma the writer, Emma the software engineer, Emma the... you get the idea.

Meet Emma, someone who, 10 years ago, was never quite sure what or who she wanted to be – this Emma whose outer image was formed from lots of examples 'borrowed' from the world around her; her creative technique a parody of several other people's styles and a wide range of ideas.

Meet Emma who to this day presents a varied face to the world. Emma who found herself, her confidence, her talent, her calling. Meet Emma, a person (a mummy) who is happy to be Emma. Meet the Emma who is beginning to rediscover her creative side thanks to Josie's writing workshop and Tara's Gallery, for which this is my contribution.

Meet Emma, she's very pleased to meet you!

This picture was (or more correctly, these pictures were) taken as a self-portrait 10 years ago. I developed and printed them myself. The print was created through a two-stage exposure using a template to prevent the images from overlapping. I chose it because I am surprised at how fitting the metaphors still are despite having improved my confidence in my own ability over the years.
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