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Sunday 14 March 2010

The Sunday Review - Aveeno Dry Skin Care

The Mellow household has recently discovered Aveeno skincare products – a range of products specifically designed for very dry skin. Mr B. suffers from dry skin from head to toe, baby B. on her arms and legs, and me, well I only really suffer from dry skin on my hands normally, but ever since the new year when I gave up breastfeeding, I've had an alarming change to the skin on my arms which has gone all red and patchy, similar to the Psoriasis I suffer from at times of stress. As you can imagine, we were all pleased to be offered the chance to try out some of the Aveeno products.

Image courtesy of Shinyred

Aveeno products are made from naturally active ingredients – namely oats! Many of their products feature colloidal oatmeal as their main active ingredient which work as a natural moisturiser and can relieve irritable skin. Oatmeal can also help to cleanse rough dry skin, which is why the Aveeno range comprises not just moisturising lotions, but also cleansing oils and body washes.

I have been using the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion on my blotchy arms for two weeks now and the transformation is certainly noticeable, but it hasn't blown me away. My skin does feel more supple and moist; not once since I started using the lotion have I been conscious of the dry skin: no itching, no rubbing on my clothes, nothing. However, the red patches still remain, they just don't cause me any bother any more.

Mr. B. Has been using the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion which is a little lighter in texture. Mr B. has a 'thing' about greasy or heavy creams and lotions which mean that he is often put off the very idea of moisturisers after trying a new moisturiser on his dry skin. With this one though, he seems totally won over and has already started to see an improvement in the condition of his skin.

The Aveeno Hand Cream is my favourite product from the range. I love a good hand cream, me! Its light, very easily absorbed (so doesn't leave me rubbing my hands for ages after applying it) and is able to withstand handwashing. My hands feel great after using it and I don't find myself pining for it when I'm at work so it must be pretty long-lasting. I can't say its the best hand cream I've ever used (that accolade goes to a brand I tried once in a hair salon and have never come across since – sigh) but I'm happy that it is coping well with my new-mummy over-worked, over-washed hands.

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