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Thursday 4 March 2010

The Job Interview – Mum versus Geek

Being a parent is one of the most demanding jobs in the world but no-one ever interviews you for the position, no-one checks to see if you are well qualified, or what you can bring to the role. There are two Emmas:- The software developer who has blagged her way though many a job interview, and the Mummy who takes life as it comes.

Choosing prompt 1 from this week's writing workship at Sleep Is For The Weak, I thought it would be interesting to see how the two Emmas would differ in an interview situation!

What made you apply for this job, and why do you want it?
Techy Emma: I'm looking for a more hands-on technical role where I can really show off my technical skills. The time is right for me to move up into a team-leadership position and my heart had always been set on working in the financial services industry. The company is local to me which not only means I don't have to trek in and out of London on the train any more, but means I can afford to spend more time in the office while still having plenty of time in the evenings to spend with my family.
Mummy Emma: I'm 30, Life is good. I've achieved lots of the things I had planned to in life and I'm settled and comfortable. All of these things mean that right now, I have the resources and dedication to bring up and support a family. The time is right. Oh, plus I'm longing for a bit of female company and this seemed like a good excuse.

What qualities do you think you can add to this role?
Techy Emma: I'm something out of the ordinary when it comes to being a coder (not just for the fact that I'm a woman, and in my experience, that's still pretty rare); but also that I have come from a non-technical background. With a history in marketing and creative media I think I bring a creative, less-analytical approach to software development that some development departments currently lack.
Mummy Emma: I can bring a can-do attitude, a slightly less girly approach to motherhood and a great range of silly songs to sing (inherited from my mother and grandmother).

What's your greatest strength?
Techy Emma:
I'm über-organised! I pride myself on having never missed a deadline and I feel that my ability to multi-task and my methodical, orderly approach to tasks has contributed to this.
Mummy Emma: I'm Mellow! By that I mean that I have confidence in my Mummying skills. I have belief in my own ability to cope with a wiggly and cheeky baby, with stinky nappies, illness, tantrums and whatever other fun things Lara has to offer. I feel that my confidence rubs off on my daughter meaning that she takes new challenges in her stride, resulting in a generally cheerful, energetic and sociable little girl.

What's your biggest weakness?
Techy Emma: A lack of confidence in my own technical ability means that I often look for the easier, less invasive solution to a problem when the tougher option is really the best way to go.
Mummy Emma: Sometimes I feel that my mellow-ness is actually a bad thing for Lara. Perhaps her colds and her eczema wouldn't be as bad if I worried more about her health. Perhaps she would be crawling by now if I worried more about her mobility. I try not to get myself hung up on these things.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Techy Emma:
In a leadership role, perhaps something more organisational than hands-on techy but I don't want to lose all involvement with software development.
Mummy Emma: In a big house with a big garden full of home-grown veg that my children (plural) help me to tend (and eat).
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