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Monday 23 August 2010

The End Of The Potato Story

Lara is a gardener!

Earlier this year I won a kid's gardening set from Bringing Up Charlie as part of “The Potato Story”, a campaign backed by McCain to encourage children to understand where their food comes from. The set included a few seed potatoes and so, keen to pass on my passion for growing my own food, we planted them together.

A few months ago, Lara planted the seed potatoes with the help of her Grandpa (who has just launched his own blog to celebrate the joys of a kitchen garden). Lara covered the potatoes in soil and gave them a good watering and then we took the pot home to tend over the following weeks.

Lara regularly helped me to water the potato plant and then, last week we decided the time was right to dig the potatoes up! We tipped the pot upside down and then both got our hands grubby rummaging around in the soil looking for potatoes. Lara did try to nibble a few of the potatoes straight from the soil!

I cooked the potatoes and served them simply with a bit of butter. Lara devoured them!
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