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Sunday 15 August 2010

The Sunday Review - Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa

Oh I'm a sucker for smellies. I'm sure Lara would be too if she knew how to be a sucker for anything... until she does, I shall do it on her behalf. These past few weeks Lara has been being pampered with the organic baby wash from Tiddley Pom. It has been heavenly, but definitely not your every day kind of baby wash!

A baby wash has got to be incredibly good to be worth £9.99 a bottle. I just don't think I would ever choose to buy a baby product that expensive unless I had tried it before and KNEW it was worth it. However, I would like to think that nice people would buy something like Tiddley Pom as a gift for my baby. I guess it's the same as with my favourite smellies – I would never spend a fortune on a bubble bath or skincare products for me, but I always like to receive them as presents.

Tiddley Pom claim to be the first UK company to offer a holistic spa range for babies. Their approach is a sensory one – pampering babies through touch, smell and sound. Alongside their range of baby massage oil, body lotion, baby wash and nappy balm, Tiddley Pom also have a set of calming music CDs to accompany your baby massage, settle your baby to sleep or just as a good excuse for cuddles.

Tiddley Pom was founded by Emma Nash. As an expert in natural cosmetics for the skincare and spa industry, she was perfectly placed to develop a range suitable for her baby daughter who had sensitive skin prone to eczema, just like Lara does. Tiddley Pom products are made in the UK using natural ingredients. They contain no parabens, mineral oils, SLS or other nasties which is perfect for sensitive skin.

We tried the Tiddley Pom organic baby wash which comes in a pump bottle. You need just a few drops in a small bath (although you need quite a lot to get a foam going in a full-sized bath). The product smells lovely – a very gentle and not-over-powering scent of lavender and chamomile. Additionally made with Aloe and Xantham Gum, it is well targeted to the healing of dry or damaged skin. We loved the smell – it really does remind me of the gentle, aromatic surroundings of some of the best spas and salons I have been to. When used the baby wash in large quantities, we found it made a great hair and body wash as it lathered quite easily (which is surprising for an SLS-free product).

We have also been listening to the Tiddley Pom 'Baby Cuddles' CD. It is a long and incredibly mellow set of instrumental tracks ideal for playing during a relaxing baby massage or as a way of settling down before bed. Lara found it very peaceful but I found it, much like the music they play in my own beauty salon, extremely reviving – I am more than happy to have it playing in the background during my day to help me chill out!

If you use it sparingly, as a special treat, I don't see why Tiddley Pom products can't be considered good value for money. But I do think that a smaller bottle at a smaller price would be more appealing, and perhaps a small glass (recycled/recyclable) bottle would make the product feel even more luxurious.

The Tiddley Pom organic baby wash costs around £9.99 for 200ml. You can find their products in Harrods or online at Their 'Baby's First Spa Experience' boxed set looks like an amazingly luxurious gift for any new baby.

All Images courtesy of Fuse Communications
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