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Sunday 22 August 2010

The Sunday Review – Tommee Tippee Feeding & Drinking

I'll be very honest, I've never quite understood why 90% of my Mummy friends went out and bought Tommee Tippee training cups, and Tommee Tippee bibs. I have always put it down to the fact that they're available in the supermarkets and so they're an easy option for Mums who don't like to explore and experiment with different brands, like me.

I tried a Tommee Tippee pelican bib (The Comfi-Neck bib) when Lara first started weaning. It was firm plastic and I struggled to keep it attached to Lara's neck. I recently had the opportunity to try their more flexible version – The Roll n Go bib. The Roll n Go is a soft, wibbly plastic bib with a good-sized pelican area for catching food. I found it great at preventing spillages from soaking through to Lara's clothes and, compared to my current brand of choice, it is a lot easier to clean as I don't need to put it through the washing machine. It is pretty handy for me to roll up and put into my changing bag, or Lara's day bag for the childminder.

However, I did find that the plastic stained easily the first time that I fed Lara spaghetti bolognaise in the bib and I still really struggle with the fastening mechanism. Tommee Tippee bibs close with a push-through button mechanism. The Roll n Go bib stays closed more easily because the bib isn't as rigid as the Comfi-Neck bib but I have found that now Lara's hair is growing, it is tricky to fasten the button without getting her hair caught in it.

We have also been trying a Tommee Tippee explora Easy Drink cup. This is the very first trainer cup I have offered Lara to which she has taken to immediately. Usually there is at least a little struggle to work out how to get the liquid out, but not with this one. I put this down to the fact that the non-spill valve is gentle enough that when I try and drink from it, I find it easy to suck the liquid out (something I find near-on impossible with most of Lara's valve-based cups).

The Easy Drink cup has a semi-soft spout and a pair of handles that Lara seems very comfortable gripping. My biggest plus point about this cup is that the lid screws on rather than pushes on; this means that there is an almost-zero chance of it falling off, or of me having not put it on properly. It also means that I don't have to wrench it off to clean it (which, with my other cups, often results in milk all over me, the sink, the walls and the floor).

I also like the fact that the spout cover is attached to the cup. All of the rest of our cups have separate lids that I very quickly gave up using because they fell off in my bag. My one complaint with the spout cover is that the cover (and the little dimple that it rests in) fills up with the skanky bits of salty dishwasher gack if I don't clean it by hand.

I have been very impressed by the explorer Easy Drink cup, and less so with the Roll n Go bib.
Images courtesy of Red Consultancy

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