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Saturday 25 August 2012

A fiery start to the weekend

Earlier this week I blogged about how our bank holiday was going to be spent at home - a playcation.  Our bank holiday weekend got off to a fiery, fun start with out own Mexican Pizza Party at home!

We were asked as a family to try out the new Mexicano pizzas from Dominos and were sent the kit to host our own family party.  I put up the bunting, blew up the balloons and surprised Lara and Mr. B. when they came home.

We often order pizza online but this was our first Dominos experience and we were happy with how easy it was to order online and how quickly our pizza arrived - I was even able to pay by paypal.  Woop.  We ordered a great big beef pizza (with extra chillies!) for sharing and a little chicken Mexicano pizza to see what it was like.  The Mexicano pizzas feature fresh tomato, red and green chillies and a drizzle of sour cream on them.  Just our kind of thing and we had an awesome dinner that we all enjoyed.

Lara particularly enjoyed the party atmosphere and COULD NOT WAIT to get started on the Piñata.  We couldn't find anywhere to hang our Piñata but once Lara was blindfolded and armed with a big stick it didn't really seem to matter!  She absolutely bashed her heart out, bless her.  Eventually she couldn't wait any longer so Daddy and Lara took it in turns (officially Holly took a turn too!) to pull a thread from the tail and eventually the secret trap-door opened and out poured treasure.... sweeties!

It was a lot of fun having a party to start the weekend and actually I think Lara took something away from it. We talked about the Mexican flag and the language that they speak in Mexico and we talked about how some of Lara's friends are Mexican - it was a great opportunity to explain the party atmosphere to her.  Plus, there was Pizza and food is the best way to get Lara interested in anything.
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