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Sunday 5 August 2012

Trunki Suitcase Review - Bernard the Bee

Idealo asked us to review the new Trunki which has lots of new designs and some design improvements so that
Bernard the bee Trunki suitcase
Trunki ride-on suitcase
Lara and Holly could bring their own trunki children's suitcases with them on our family road trip!

I left Lara in charge of choosing the design and she plumped for the Bernard the Bee Trunki, I suspect this has something to do with her complete obsession with Bee Movie and The Hive right now!

Trunki has regularly been voted as one of the best children's suitcases for flying but we wanted to test ours out in a different way. Trunki fitted easily into our car boot for our road trip because it is nearly rectangular. When we were driving we took the pull-along / carry-handle off but when we got to the hotels we would clip the strap on so that Lara could pull her Trunki along the corridors of hotels (clearly Holly, at 3 months old, didn't pull her own suitcase!)

Bernard the Bee is a vibrant yellow colour with black stripes and black 'horns' as I call them! The horns are good for your toddler to hold on to if they choose to sit on the suitcase and ride it along!

I was really impressed with the differences made to the design of the Trunki recently. The most important of these to me is the fact that the newer Trunki now has two carry handles on the top which means it doesn't wibble and wobble if you are holding it.

inside the Trunki
inside the trunki
Trunki comes with its own passport so that your child can give it an identity. Our Trunki crossed 9 country borders on its holiday!

Inside Trunki you get everything you would expect from a normal suitcase. An easy to use strap to hold everything down and a small fabric section to put bits and bobs in. The trunki clips closed and actually stays in place better than many of our grown up suitcases do. You can lock it closed with the key on the strap but I'm not sure that its a security lock, more to prevent things from falling out.

Every child NEEDS a trunki, right? - it makes travelling so much fun and it is a great place to keep those things such as snacks and colouring books that you want to have easy access to.

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