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Saturday 22 August 2015

My Dream Home - Pinterest Ideas and Inspiration

It doesn't take much to make me happy.  My dream home isn't much different to my REAL home!  I've got grand plans for our current house which involves knocking walls down and building a grand conservatory but these plans do require rather an injection of money so right now they are just a dream.

There is a lot of swirl in my life at present and I must admit that I've been browsing the interweb for houses - perhaps a change of location might be wiser than a big injection of funds into our current home; despite the need for a new mortgage, it might be the quicker route to my dream home???

Over the past year I've been putting together a pinterest board filled with my ideas for my dream home - Mellow HQ.  I put colour ideas, room ideas and layout ideas on this board.

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My ideal family home would feature:

  • Large open bathrooms that offer a place to chill out
  • Play space for the girls - somewhere that they can make their own
  • Messy play and craft space (indoors and outdoors)
  • Room for a nice big vegetable garden
  • An enormous kitchen that is not only beautiful, but spacious and with LOTS of storage for all my kitchen gadgets
  • A bright, spacious dining area for us to share with guests, and which is easy to get to from the kitchen and the garden
  • A soft, warm comfy and relaxing living room which isn't packed full of toys

Obviously, there is quite a lot of work which would need to go into creating my dream home which is why I've been browsing for properties which fit the bill.  I've spent plenty of evenings dreaming and even using a mortgage calculator to see if there is any vague possibility that we could make the dream real.

I've also spent a lot of time thinking specifically about the girls bedroom; its time for us to create them a special place for "grown up" girls which is relaxing and inspiring without losing their innocence.  I've got soooooo many ideas for their bedroom.

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