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Saturday 29 August 2015

Pictopia - A Disney Board Game Review

The Mellow family tradition dictates new board games should be played on rainy evenings during the summer holidays and one of our new family board games is Pictopia, Disney edition.

Pictopia is a picture-trivia quiz game suitable for children from around 7 years old.  We've played it effectively with Lara who is 6 - she needed some help to be explained the rules but quickly picked it up.  I think the primary age limit is that your child needs to be a confident reader in order to be able to pose questions from the trivia cards.

Pictopia, Disney edition features a board where your Mickey-mouse shaped counters have to reach the Disney castle to win.  Along the way you land on spaces which determine the type of question you will face.  All players are asked all of the questions but sometimes you have to answer alone, other times you have to answer as a team.  Before each question you have to place your stakes to show how confident you are that you can get the question correct.

All of the questions in Pictopia are image-based and in this edition each of the 200 quiz cards features 4 Disney images.  There are 1000 questions in total to really stretch your Disney knowledge of movies and characters.

Lara very much enjoyed the game but I think she would still struggle to host the game herself with friends for some time because there are so many different elements to the game - different question types, placing wagers, playing alone or answering together.  It's a game which really requires a "manager" parent to play with them.

In general, I found the game over-complicated; the wagers and answer wheel seemed like distractions from what is actually a very fun and simple picture trivia quiz.  Trivia quiz questions about Disney movies based on recognisable fun pictures should be a game that is simple and fun; but somehow the magic seems to be lessened by all the other activities that are taking place.

Pictopia, Disney edition is suitable for 6 players and the questions really do span the depth and breadth of all things Disney.

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