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Thursday 10 December 2015

DIY Rainbow Bedroom

As you probably read, earlier this week, we are now full-steam-ahead in decorating Lara and Holly's bedroom.  As with all of our DIY projects, the process isn't a fast one because we both work during the week and have lots of exciting things to be doing at the weekend which normally take priority over decorating.  

This project has proven particularly difficult because we decided to paint the walls white as the background to our rainbow room.  White paint is all very well but when the evenings are drawing in, and the wintery weather is around, the light is very poor and it is incredibly hard to see where you've painted and where you haven't.

Work in progress (and in need of a book shelf)
So far we have painted all but one of the walls white. We have removed all of the furniture other than Lara's bed and Holly's cotbed so that we can make space for new storage solutions.  Once the painting is complete, we are going to order the girls a white bunkbed.  This is something, about which they are INCREDIBLY excited.

I've already bought most of the accessories for the room.  We are completely replacing all of the sockets and switches (which in our house have all been a bit iffy) with plain white simple jobs.  I've bought an amazing blue sky dangling light pendant for the ceiling and a pair of thick white and rainbow-starred blackout curtains from GLTC.  We are going to replace all of their current bedding with bright rainbow colours.  I plan to buy a brightly coloured rainbow decal for the wall once we have all the furniture in place and I've bought the girls each a rainbow button personalised picture to go next to their beds.

The only thing we haven't quite worked out for their room yet is storage.  Ideally we'd like a wardrobe for them to store their clothes; but space is going to be limited.  We'd also like some corner shelves to store their current reading books - what normally happens is that, over the course of a week they gather a big pile of books on the bedroom floor and have to put them all away in another room at the weekend.  I think we will wait until the bunkbed is in the room before making any hard and fast decisions on storage.

Regalsystem von dearkids : Storage by MOBIMIO—Räume für Kinder
MOBIMIO—Räume für Kinder / Homify

I know this home decorating project is taking FOREVER but I'm still hopeful that it can be completed by the end of the year.

This post was written in collaboration with homify, a whole website of home decorating inspiration.  All words are my own, and my DIY project is my own!  Stay tuned for the finished bedroom photos in the coming weeks.
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