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Sunday 6 December 2015

My Top 5 Household Best Buys

As you may know, we are currently decorating the girls' bedroom.  We've cleared their room of furniture and sold off their wobbly wardrobe so that we can start from scratch in their bedroom.  As I waved goodbye (and good riddance) to one of my most hated pieces of furniture, it made me think about what makes a lasting piece of household furniture, storage or staples?  I know for a fact that it isn't just cost that makes a household item one that lasts - I've paid lots in the past for things I've quickly had to replace but then I've also had bargain items that I bought when I first moved out of home and I'm still using now and are still oozing quality.

So, as an aid to contemplating what sort of items to buy for the girls' newly decorated bedroom, I've written up a list of the items in my house which have lasted us the longest, and have become some of the most-used household items we have owned.  I am hoping that this will help me to understand what makes them stand out from the rest.  It is interesting to see how many of them now have the girl's presence stamped all over them!  Here are my top 5 household best-buys.

1. Ikea bookcase
This was one of the first items of furniture that we bought when we first became home owners. I remember having to pay a van driver to transport them home from Ikea in Wembley to our home in Bracknell.  These bookcases are so tall that you have to anchor them to the wall to keep them from falling over but they store so many books, CDs and games that they have been able to cope with our growing and evolving collection as our family has grown.

2. Brabantia laundry basket
I remember Mr. B. giving me a funny look when I bought a Brabantia laundry basket nearly 10 years ago.  For me, the new metal and wooden laundry bin was an important part of our new decoration and I still to this day feel that it makes the bedroom or hallway look stylish - it is a smart way of storing laundry which can sometimes be an unsightly afterthought in a room.

3. Oak bookcase
We LOVE this oak bookcase which was bought for us as a house warming gift ten years ago from a local furniture supplier. In our pre-parent days this used to house recipe books.  Now it hosts whats left of our grown-up book collection and is hidden away in the spare room but it is such a smooth and sturdy piece of furniture that I wouldn't want to rehome it any time soon.

4. Wooden mirror
Mr. B. and I were given this huuuuge wooden mirror as a wedding present. We are currently planning our new living room and we are both keen that this mirror remains a central part of our living area.  It is chunky and bold but natural at the same time. 

5. Boxer Bed
Our bed came with us when we moved house, even though it was originally bought for a very specific room dimension in our old house where space was limited.  It is a Boxer Bed which is surprisingly high because it features, underneath it, lots of different sized drawers for loads of storage.  It even hides away two bedside tables!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but that doesn't stop it being fun to read.
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