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Saturday 19 December 2015

Vauxhall OnStar's #BackseatBedtime

Now that most schools have broken up for the Christmas holidays, lots of families will be travelling for the Christmas period.  Whether your journey is long or short, sometimes it is unavoidable that you will be on the road when your children are supposed to be in bed.  With Lara and Holly we have experimented in the past with trying to keep the girls awake when they are in the car, and we've also tried the total inverse...encouraging them into their pyjamas to fall asleep in the car, knowing that we will have to transfer them into bed when we arrive at our destination.

Unfortunately, neither myself nor Mr. B. has quite perfected that transition from car to bed and both girls are now getting far too big to carry without waking them!  This Christmas, if we have to travel to or from friends and family at the girl's bedtime, we will help them to settle in the car and we will just have to hope that they are relaxed enough (and not over-excited) when we arrive!

This Christmas Vauxhall have acknowledged that there are parents up and down the country who have to tackle the tricky 'backseat bedtime' and so they have joined forced with DJ and presenter Edith Bowman to produce a set of bedtime stories that you can stream into your car via audio or video to share with your small people if bedtime needs to take place in the car.  With the Vauxhall OnStar in-car system streaming via Wi-fi is a doddle, so with this set of pre-recorded bedtime stories it should make your backseat bedtimes a little less stressful.

The bedtime stories are available to view at and on youtube. There are three stories by author Tracey Corderoy and read by Edith Bowman. Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam is a tale of two robber dogs.  The second story is another of their adventures called The Cat Burglar.  Lara and Holly's favourite of the three stories is Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble which is all about a Grandmother who is very unusual, but who you really wouldn't want to change.  These stories are all fun ones that I'd happily read to my girls as part of our everyday bedtime routine, so its a really nice idea to make them available for when you are travelling.

Watch out for the #backseatbedtime hashtag from Vauxhall on Facebook and Twitter .
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