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Monday 11 January 2016

Teletubbies Toy Review

I was delighted when Teletubbies returned to TV late last year - I've been going on about them to Lara and Holly ever since they first started watching television and it is fabulous to be able to share the fun of the Teletubbies with my girls.  This year Character Options have revealed a fabulous range of Teletubbies toys that a whole new generation of little people can enjoy.  From collectible figurines to  cuddly toys, Holly has had a chance to try out the very best from the new range of Teletubbies toys.

First up, I have to give big big credit to Character Options for these signature Talking Soft Toys.  These toys have totally captured Holly's heart.  The gentle giggly voices of Laa Laa and Dipsy are the very last thing that I hear as she falls asleep at night, and the very first thing I hear drifting into my room from hers in the morning when she wakes.  Dipsy and Laa Laa are very much loved.

Each of the Teletubbies is realised in its own collectable 8-inch soft toy and, when their tele-tummy is pressed, they say one of a small selection of recognisable Teletubbie phrases.  Our favourite phrases from Dipsy and Laa Laa so far are "Big Hugs" and "Baddabing, Baddabing, Baddabing" (I'm sure Dipsy doesn't say this, but it sounds similar).  The toys are the perfect size for a toddler to cuddle and they totally embody everything cuddly, cute and fun about the Teletubbies.  The face on these talking soft toys is semi-hard but coated in soft fabric - they look and feel exactly as I'd expect a Teletubby to!  Each of these talking soft toys retails for around £9.99.

Also in the range you'll find smaller 6-inch collectible super-soft toys from £6.99.  Holly likes to bounce Po around the living room.

Beyond the soft toys, the new Teletubbies range also features lots of figurines and playsets so that your little people can use their imagination and recreate Teletubbies stories that they've seen.  Holly likes to try and get the cat involved in her Teletubbie games which almost always seem to involve Noo-noo the cleaning robot whizzing around the coffee table uncontrollably knocking Teletubbies over left, right and center.

These little plastic play figurines cost £3.99 each and there are several to collect.  In this first launch set you'll find each Teletubbiy with one of their favourite items - Tinky Winky has a bag, Dipsy a big top hat, Po has a scooter and Laa Laa has a ball.  These are standalone figures which would work well as toys to pop in your changing bag or handbag and take out with your for a distraction when travelling. Combine the figures with one of the larger playsets to really bring Teletubbyland to life.

I was worried that these little individual figures wouldn't hold much interest for Holly but, as she has made the link between the TV show and the toys she has enjoyed playing with the set of figures and making up stories for herself.  Yesterday, for instance, she started searching for leaves and pom poms that she could use to create her own Teletubbyland.

There are some amazing looking playsets in the new Teletubbies toy range.  Find out more at

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