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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Building Princess Castles #StreamTeam

This long weekend just gone was a bit of a luxury - we had nothing that we HAD to do. We only get a weekend like this once or twice a year and I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is to do almost exactly nothing as a family together.  We filled our days with gardening, crafts, castles and princesses and a bit of sneaky TV together.


The girls spent much of their weekend creating things.  We lifted out the Mega Bloks and both Lara and Holly enjoyed constructing princess towers and magical castles.  As they had so much fun building, we thought we would watch something princessy on Netflix.  I convinced the girls to watch Enhanted - a Disney movie that is not quite animation, and not quite drama but something in between.  The movie was a total hit.  From sparkly dresses to wicked stepmothers and a true love's kiss, Enchanted had everything that that my girls look for in a movie but it was a little bit more grown up than their usual animated fare.

As we were in the mood for construction kits I lifted out Lara's lego kits.  Lara has built up quite a collection of different Lego friends sets and Holly is just beginning to show an interest in joining in with her big sister when she creates new Lego friends scenes.  As the weekend came to a close and the girls curled up on the sofa after their bath, we discovered a couple of new Lego Friends : The Power of Friendship Netflix original episodes.  Holly and Lara both watched in awe as the friends prevented trouble on their summer camp!

On the same construction theme, I've hunted out a few more kids favourites on Netflix.  You can find Lego City, Lego Chima, Ninjago and Bionicle all on Netflix. Or, if you're into fairy tales, princesses and castles like my two girls then why not try the original Cinderella, or the fairytale cheese of Ella Enchanted.

Disclosure: This post was written using inspiration from Netflix as part of their Stream Team.
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