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Thursday 31 March 2016

Skinfix - Skincare for Eczema Relief

Poor old Holly is still duffering from dry skin.  I'm trying to remember, but I think Lara's super-dry skin had passed by the time she was 4 and yet Holly, as she approaches her 4th birthday, seems to be suffering with awfully dry skin on her tummy and chest, as well as red blotchy dry hands.  At this age it can be hard to keep on top of dry skin because Holly is so independent that she has to be in charge of deciding when to apply cream, and what cream she will put up with.  Recently we have been trying a new brand called Skinfix which is available exclusively in Boots and which is specifically designed as remedy and prevention of dry skin and eczema for the whole family.

Skinfix products are around 98% natural and yet incredibly powerful.  Take the fragrance-free Eczema balm for instance, it is thick and steroid-free and provides Holly instant relief on the backs of her hands just before she goes to bed (which is when it seems to be most sore).  Holly doesn't like any creams that leave a residue so she was a little hesitant about applying a barrier balm but it does obviously soothe her skin so she is sticking with it.


Also in the evenings and mornings we are using Skinfix Soothing Lotion which is a very light fluid which is instantly absorbed and doesn't leave a residue on the skin.  On the first day that we used the Skinfix lotion, when Holly woke up the next morning, her skin was totally different - not dry and bumpy at all but smooth and soft.  Nearly unrecognisable!  Over the past fortnight we have found that we only have to use this lotion every other day to keep on top of the dry skin on her body.  Awesome.  The only problem we have is that because it is fragrance-free, the appeal to Holly isn't that strong so she doesn't actively seek the lotion out herself, we have to remind her.

Skinfix also make this pump-bottle soothing wash.  Due to Holly's particularly dry skin at present, we've really reduced the number of bath-times (we are convinced that our hard water is the cause of Holly's skin problems) but we do encourage Holly to wash with gentle bathtime products during the week.  The Skinfix soothing wash is specially designed for people who suffer from dry and sensitive skin so that it doesn't strip the skin of the oils it needs to stay moist and supple.  The wash is fragrance-free and is made using jojoba oil, aloe vera, apricot kernel and coconut cleansers - all natural ways to stay clean and well moisturised.  Again, the scent of a washing gel is something that really encourages Holly to wash well so she hasn't been that wowed by Skinfix and I'm sure that she probably doesn't even notice the difference that a kind body wash makes to her skin over the brightly coloured, strong-scented kids products she sometimes borrows from her sister...but I do!

Skinfix soothing products can now be found in Boots behind the pharmacy counter.
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