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Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

This past weekend Holly turned 4. She had a very busy long weekend; we spent a day shopping and eating ice cream, a day at the local May fair and lunch with Grandma and Grandpa; and an afternoon of cake and traditional party games with her friends from nursery.

Holly requested a Peter Rabbit birthday cake some time ago and even drew me a design of what she wanted it to look like.  Ever since visiting the Lake District last autumn, and seeing the Peter Rabbit museum with her Grandparents, Holly has loved Peter Rabbit and his friends. 

I made Holly this single-tier birthday cake from half-chocolate, half-vanilla sponge filled with buttercream and then iced with baby blue fondant icing.  The vegetables and fence and flowers are all made from fondant too.  Peter Rabbit himself is a ceramic ornament but the cake stands up to his weight well.

To match the cake (and to make sure the girls had something sweet to nibble on during the party) I made some matching cupcakes with the left-over icing.  I happened to have some very cook Beatrix Potter cupcake cases and cake toppers so I simply added a few fondant leaves and flowers to finish them off.

Holly absolutely loved her birthday cake.  Holly mainly likes to eat the icing; I mainly like to eat the cake so we have a good arrangement together!

Lara has now put in her birthday cake request.  She is having a trampoline party so guess what she wants her cake to be?!

Holly had an excellent weekend.  I don't think she's fully recovered from it yet but this is the start of a new year for her which will bring big changes when she starts school.  She's my monkey but she's growing up fast.

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