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Sunday 9 October 2016

Bright Horizons Recipes - Butternut Squash Risotto

Bright Horizons nurseries can be found up and down the country; they sent me a copy of their family cook book which features some of the recipes served at their nursery in Northwood and other nurseries in the Bright Horizons family. The recipe book is designed to encourage families to cook together and share some of the favourite meals from nursery and preschool with the whole of the family; the dishes are healthy, balanced meals packed full of adventurous flavours but in a format that most small people are happy to try.

This weekend Holly and I have been cooking a Butternut Squash Risotto from the Bright Horizons recipe book. Holly got all dressed up in her new apron which doubles up as a doodle-pad. Today Holly was in a #GBBO mood so she drew a bake-off table in pink; next weekend she may be in more of a curry mood so we will wash the apron and she can start with her doodles all over again...genius!

Holly and I baked some chunks of lovely butternut squash in the oven while I showed Holly how to gently soften onions and garlic in a bit of oil - Holly enjoys using the hob but I have to keep a VERY close eye on her still! We used an long grain rice (which meant ours came out more like a pilaf than a risotto) and a litre of homemade chicken stock (water works fine too) to cook the rice.

Towards the end of the cooking, we added a tin of haricot beans which add protein and thickness to the meal meaning it will be really filling and warming for an autumny family meal. At the last minute, the roasted butternut is added to the mix along with fresh spinach and parsley to add colour and vitamins.

Holly and I topped off our risotto with some chopped walnuts to add a little bit of texture. A risotto is such a simple recipe to cook with children because you can bung all of the ingredients into a pan and let them simmer together until the rice has cooked - a tasty risotto doesn't need to be topped up with liquid every few minutes like the pros do!

This butternut squash risotto was a lovely warming meal and Holly enjoyed helping me out. Other recipes in the Bright Horizons family cook book include Seaside Carbonara, Carrot and Apple Salad and Feta & Beetroot Muffins.

Disclosure: Bright Horizons supplied me with a copy of their recipe book and the ingredients for the recipe.

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