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Friday 14 October 2016

Octonauts Remote Controlled Gup K Review

Holly rarely gets a chance to watch the TV shows that she really wants to see - her big sister normally over-rules her but one program that they do still agree on is Octonauts; they both like to sit in silence and watch the underwater tales of the Octonauts.  Holly is super-happy to have been asked to review the remote controlled Gup K which is a new vehicle that features in some of the most recent episodes.

The Octonauts use their Gup K for exploring swamps and boggy areas; its a chunky vehicle that looks a little bit like an alligator or a crocodile with big teeth for chomping through weeds and obstacles.  This Fisher Price remote controlled Gup-K comes with one figure - Barnacles - who can sit inside the main cab of the vehicle or sit on one of the two little hello swamp vehicles which are used for exploring.  The Gup K can hold upto 6 different Octonauts figures.

Holly had never come across a remote controlled vehicle before; she has found it really magical that she can use the little controller to make the Gup K whizz around the house.  The controller only had two buttons - forwards and backwards but the reverse movement also turns the vehicle so you can manoeuvre it around, not just go in straight lines. Holly mainly enjoys ramming it against my feet or trying to get it to go under the TV unit (it won't fit)!

We like the two little swamp speeders which work well on hard floors or on the carpet - they encourage imaginative play away from the main vehicle and both girls reference back to the TV show when they play.

Also in the set you will find a little baby alligator figurine who needs rescuing (very cute) and a water cannon which catapults a pretend jet of water out of the Gup-K at any suspecting passer-by. There are lots of different ways to play with the Gup K.

I'm most impressed by the quality of the Gup K - it's what I'd expect from Fisher Price. Chunky, thick plastic with no fiddly bits. It feels like a toy that will last.

The Remote Control Gup-K costs around £30-40 and is available from Argos and Amazon.

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