Mellow Mummy: Running : Taking life as it comes...


I started running in late June 2014 (having found that my change in diet lead to increased energy levels) using the Couch to 5k plan from the NHS.  Until this point, the last time I had chosen to run anywhere was approximately 19 years ago and to be honest, I was finding it hard simply running after Holly or Lara as far as the end of my road.

Since then I've run two half marathons and I've qualified as a leader in running fitness. I am also the co-founder of a running club!  Bonkers.

Barkham Runners

The other thing that I've done to help spurr me on is to sign up for Bounts rewards at . Bounts gives you rewards for every time you do exercise (either by linking to a Strava or fitness app or when you check in at your local registered gym).  You clock up points which can be used to exchange for rewards such as shopping vouchers.  If you use my code button1405 when you sign up, we both get bonus points.

My key milestones on my running journey.

19th June 2014 - Started week 1 of C25K
22nd March 2015 - Ran my first half marathon!

Forthcoming goals:
sub 1 hour 10k
sub 28 minute 5k
My first every marathon - April 2016!

If you'd like to join me in the challenge, feel free to hook up with me on Strava so that we can give each other a boost.  Good luck everyone.
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