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Tuesday 16 February 2010

GOAL! I've Lost The Baby Bulge

This weekend I celebrated a big milestone in my quest to lose weight in 2010. I finally reached my magic pre-pregnancy weight. It has taken 8 months which is at least 3 months longer than I had hoped. I put this down to my near total inability to walk for the first 3 months of Lara's life, and to general laziness and over-indulgence during the Christmas period.

Since the turn of the year, having made my promise to lose weight publicly on this blog, I have managed to lose the last 10lb of baby weight. This is wonderful news, but it does present me with one problem. The only trousers that I have for work are ones that grew with me during pregnancy! There is only so much longer that I will be able to wear my maternity trousers to work and I foresee a shopping trip very near in the future (have I ever told you how much I hate shopping?).

And so, on to the next goal. I have no idea whether I will be able to make it (given that the opportunities for exercise are few and far between) but I would love to be able to lose enough weight to put me back where I was when I first got together with Mr. B. It's a long way to go (I'm not telling you how long, you'll just have to trust me) but if I stick at it, it should be just about achievable in time for my sisters un-wedding in June (its a long story, but think Alice in Wonderland and the un-birthday party).

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