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Wednesday 17 February 2010

This Time Last Year...

  • This time last year I had a small, but noticeable bump.

  • This time last year I had just seen the first recognisable images of the munchkin on my 20-week scan.

  • This time last year I was preparing for a week tucked away in a remote self-catering cottage on a farm in chilly Cornwall; Our last holiday together as a couple.

  • This time last year I was in the final week of development of my first software product as a technical team lead. Now I am in the final week of another development project as a bog-standard developer (boo).

  • This time last year I wasn't drinking alcohol, hated the taste of a cup of tea and was really only interested in eating curry. Now I'm drinking wine again, can't go a day without my evening cuppa and although I do love a good curry, other things take my fancy too.

  • This time last year I was about to start my NCT antenatal classes and meet a great, varied bunch of lovely ladies (now mummies).

  • This time last year it was just me, the man and the cat. Wow, how times change.

  • This time last year I was a brunette. Now I am back to my much-loved highlights. Mr. B says I look like 'me' again. Phew.

  • This time last year I had no idea what to expect of parenthood. Now I consider myself a pro (only joking!).

  • This time last year, my life was measured in weeks and all things revolved around the magic 'due date'. Now I can look back on the birth as a momentous occasion but one which disappears into insignificance when I look forward to a future, with my family, of parenting highs and lows.

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