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Friday 5 February 2010

My Working Mum Resolutions – One Month On

You may have read my 'Working Mum Resolutions' which I wrote just before I returned to work after maternity leave. I have now been back at work for a month so I thought I'd evaluate how well I've been doing at keeping my resolutions.

  1. Don't Offer My Time For Free
    I've been very good at leaving work on time, we don't have much choice if we are to get back to the Childminder before our alloted time is up. We arrive about 20 minutes early to work so I don't feel that guilty about legging it as soon as it turns 5.30. We are about to reach a big deadline at work, so it remains to be seen how I shall cope with the pressure.

  2. Don't Take Work Home
    I promised that I wouldn't get a laptop. Things were going well, I managed to decline the offer of one from my manager only to find out that my team leader had totally ignored my protestations and ordered one without me knowing. Grrrr. I've made it very clear that I shall only be using it in the event of severe snow, and certainly never on a Thursday.

  3. Make Thursdays Fundays!
    Lara's Aquatots swimming classes take up most of Thursday mornings. In the afternoons we go to visit family, or else I spend the afternoon cooking stuff I don't have time to cook on a working day. I really love my Lara days. Every week I'm surprised how tired I am on a Thursday compared to all of my working days – looking after a baby is DEFINITELY harder than a day in the office.

  4. Make the Most of Weekends
    Well, we've kept this promise with trips to see grandparents, long walks through Windsor Great Park and a total lack of housework. The trouble is that we don't do any housework on weekday evenings either (due to exhaustion, mainly) so the house is steadily disappearing under the layer of dust, part-chewed rice cake and cat hair.

  5. Keep On Blogging
    Well, I've certainly been doing this! I've blogged more frequently since going back to work. What's that about? Maybe I should spend more time doing number 7, and less time doing this???

  6. Feed The Family Well
    I think I've done pretty well at making meals for the whole family. We've only had one takeaway this month which is a bit of a record for us. Lara has had fresh, home-cooked goodies in her lunchbox every day and most evenings she joins us for dinner. My cooking time is my 'Me' time, it helps me wind down and chill out while Daddy looks after Lara.

  7. Make Time For 'Us'
    Hubbie and I work together. It feels good to be back. We share our lunch breaks and we have time to talk to one another (usually, but not always about work) to and from the office. Lara seems to be more shattered after a day with the childminders so she does to bed earlier than before which means that we get some grown-up time in the evening – shame I spend all my time on Twitter and Blogger really, isn't it?

  8. Stay in Touch With Mummies
    Hmmm, I have't done too well on this one. I have a lunch date with my NCT ladies at half term and we do get to see our swimming buddies on a Thursday. Could do better.

  9. Keep Healthy
    One of the best things about being back at work is that I can get out and about for a nice walk in the (freezing) fresh air hand-in-hand with my hubbie during our lunch break. The exercise is much needed! Since the start of the year I have managed to lose 9lb by eating sensibly and ensuring I go for a walk almost every lunchtime. Sadly, I have broken the 'no diet coke' promise that I made. Ho hum.
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