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Thursday 18 February 2010

What's In My Bag - A Meme

I have been tagged by Emily at Baby Rambles with the terrifying 'What's in your bag' meme. 'Terrifying' because there was a thick pile of gunk at the bottom of my bag which I really didn't want to expose you to; so, for Health & Safety reasons I have de-gunked and here, for the world to see, is the contents of my handbag!

My handbag was given to me about 10 years ago (gulp, that makes me feel old) by my Grandma as a celebration of me getting my first grown-up job after leaving university. It has come with me to work up and down the country almost every working day since. In my bag, I currently have...

My Ipod Touch
A gift from Mr. B. at Christmas, me and the Ipod have become inseparable. Not only does it mean I can check my emails and tweet in my lunch break, but it means that I have rediscovered my music collection.

I've always carried a diary, but since getting pregnant, it has become more vital than ever. Given the state of my baby-brain, how would I ever remember anything if I didn't write it down in my diary? And how would the OH ever remember that he had appointments if I didn't write them down and then nag him about them?

Gloves (and little gloves)
I suffer from something called Raynaud's Phenomenon which means that I often lose the blood supply to my fingers. For this reason it is important that I keep my long, spindly fingers as warm as possible. Even when the weather is a little warmer, I need to have my gloves at hand. These days my bag also contains Lara's little gloves. I can already feel that she has problems keeping her tiny hands warm so she'll probably suffer in the same way I do. All I can do is to try and keep her warm.

Lipbalms (plural)
I always carry a lipbalm whether I need it or not. You can never have too many lipbalms... they tend to disappear inexplicably, perhaps they even escape. I have recently been reviewing the Rescue remedy lipbalm which comes in a sturdy glass pot which won't work open in the bottom of your handbag. It smells great, is really light and nice to wear, but I haven't been that impressed with its effectiveness so far.

Phone Instruction Manual
OK, so the phone is currently charging, which explains its absence from my bag. I upgraded my phone about 3 weeks ago and although I'm a techy, I'm really struggling to get to grips with my new Samsung phone. Nothing seems instinctive and every time I start writing a text message, I give up and make a phone call instead! I have promised myself that I will learn how to use the blimming thing so I have been carrying the instruction book around with me, but as yet, it remains unopened.

I'm not sure that it merits its own bullet point, but I did find one more thing in my bag. A bulldog clip. Errr, who knows why, and your guess is as good as mine as to where it came from.

I tag Catherine at Baby Genie, Snaffles Mummy , Claire from Life Through the Slim Lens, and Pippa from A Mother's Ramblings.

So, go on, what's in your bag?
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