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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Hidden Places - The Gallery

This week on The Gallery we have been asked to paint a picture of the world. I wanted to share with you a remote, hidden place of beauty that I feel really honoured to have seen it. Somewhere isolated and untouched by humanity.

Behold, this pristine beach on the island on Benguerra a short way from the Mozambique coast. The beach faces the indian ocean which is wild and feisty on this side of the island, meaning local fishermen have no need to come here. The only humans to walk this beach are the very occasional tourist who, having trekked half way across the world to find this island, have torn themselves away from the ethnic luxury of their hotels to discover the beauty of the real Benguerra.

And now, look closer.

See those tiny little pink crabs with their groovy pokey-uppy eyes? There are literally millions of them. Imagine the feint hiss of the water as the waves trickle back over the hot sand, and then the spooky, chitter-chatter of claws pattering over the beach before the next wave washes up and covers them!

It was very special watching those crabs, on THEIR beach. I feel privileged to have shared it with them - I hope you enjoyed it!
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