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Sunday 9 May 2010

The Sunday Review -

My Mum pointed me in the direction of littleonesclothing at the start of the year. It is a great, brightly coloured website selling clothing for babies and young children at low prices. very kindly sent Lara this gorgeous Winne-The-Pooh Two Piece Set to try. It costs £9.00 and is a good example of the kinds of clothes you can expect to find on their site.

I wouldn't say that the clothes that littleonesclothing sell are the most well-produced children's clothes on the market (don't go there expecting designer labels or luxury fabrics) but they are certainly a cut above the supermarkets and their prices are more than reasonable for what you get, especially considering that many of the clothes that they sell feature popular children's characters. In The Night Garden and Winne The Pooh are just two of Lara's most-worn favourites. Littleonesclothing also sell brands such as Bebe Cool and Funky Diva which you will struggle to find on the high street. Their sizes range from newborn to around 6 years old.

I recently bought this scrumptious raincoat from them which arrived extremely quickly and is exactly what I was looking for to get Lara through the summer. It is by Sugar Pink and has a bright pink butterfly pattern. The hood is detachable and the lining is a soft, delicate bright-pink fabric.

As a website developer, I can often be overly critical of other people's sites! The littleonesclothing website is extraordinarily easy to easy to use. The search tool is effective but you rarely need to use it because the clothes are split sensibly and accurately into categories by age and sex. The clothes are all incredibly clearly photographed (none are modelled) which gives the site a crisp, tidy appearance. When you choose to view further details of an item, there are often several further images to show patterns or features of the clothes.

I found the ordering process to be easy and the postage costs to be reasonable (UK postage is currently FREE; normally it is free if you spend over £25).
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