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Sunday 23 May 2010

The Sunday Review – Kosmea Facial Serum

I have recently discovered . It is just my kind of place. They sell high-end natural and organic skin care, hair care and body care products for women, men, kids and babies. Everything sold by mypure is sulfate free, paraben free & phthalate free.

One of the new brands of products recently introduced at mypure is Kosmea. Kosmea is an Australian brand known for their 100% organic rose-hip oil products.

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Kosmea Revitalising Facial Serum features their 'Eighth Natural Wonder' all-natural anti-wrinkle technology. Sounds impressive, but does it work? I have been using this product twice a day for a week and I know that isn't enough to prove the anti-ageing technology, but it's certaily long enough for me to know that I enjoy the feel of my skin after I use this product.

The serum is incredibly light and is instantly absorbed into my skin. It is designed to give your skin an instant lift and it certainly does. When I use it in the morning before work I put a little on just before my normal moisturiser, my face feels tight, bright and at its best. At night I don't need to use anything else – I just put some serum on and let it get to work.

In its practical application, and its effectiveness as an anti-ageing serum, Kosmea facial serum is incredibly similar to the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum that I recently reviewed. The difference is that the ingredients in Kosmea are all natural. As well as the rose-hip oil, you are treated to Vitamin e and to Hibiscus.

My absolute favourite feature of the product is the smell. The gentle hint of rose is supplemented with the relaxing, summery scent of geranium oil. The smell, combined with the light texture of this serum means that it has become an instant favourite of mine.

Kosmea Facial Serum is available from from £25. Postage is incredibly reasonable at £1.49 or free if you spend over £35.
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