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Sunday 3 April 2011

The Sunday Review – BumGenius V4 Reusable Nappy from BabyKind

I'm not a total stranger to Bumgenius nappies as we reviewed the limited edition nappies just before Christmas when we had our little reusable nappy wobble. Over the past few weeks I've bitten the bullet and gone back to using real nappies at the weekends and so I was grateful to get the chance to review the BumGenius version 4 nappies from online nappy and nursery retailer, BabyKind.

The BumGenius V4 nappy is a self-contained pocket nappy which has a brightly coloured waterproof outer cover and a soft inner lining which together form a pocket, into which you can add highly absorbent inserts. They are (allegedly) suitable right through from birth (around 7lb for the V4) to potty (around 35lb) and you tailor them to the size of your child by extending sections of the nappy using the built-in poppers.

Lara is currently 15kg (33lb) and we have the nappy fully unfolded. The stretchy lycra tabs come nicely around her belly and on the version of the nappy with a popper fastening, we use them on their widest setting. Depending on how full her belly is, I can fasten one side a little tighter but this can cause the elastic around her legs to rub a bit. I'm not convinced that Lara would last another year in the BumGenius nappy but then that's a good thing right? An incentive to get a move on with the potty training!

For this reason, I actually prefer the hook & loop (velcro-style) tab version of the nappy. I feel it gives me a bit more flexibility in fastening it around Lara's belly and, having used a velcro nappy (Bambino Mio) for the first 18 months of Laras life, she is well-trained not to unfasten the tabs herself, which is something lots of mums worry about. I find them less faffy than the poppers and, as you know, I find the sheer number of poppers on a BumGenius nappy mindblowing!

The BumGenius all-in-one nappy is a very easy nappy to learn to use. I like having them all ready made up so that a nappy change can be quick and stress-free. The disadvantage with the all-in-one is that you have to wash the whole thing every time, regardless of whether the nappy was soiled or not but if you have enough of them (6 a day?) then that isn't an issue.

The BumGenius nappy is really fast to dry, noticeably faster than others I've tried. Lara, being Lara, I do struggle quite often with absorbency. The nappies come with two terry inserts, one designed for newborns. I use both for extra absorbency and sometimes I also use a bamboo or cotton insert as well (unbranded ones I bought from ebay), but even with all the added bulk really they can't cope with Lara's wetness and I HAVE to change the nappy straight away.

I've taken to cutting my flushable liners in half to use with the BumGenius nappies because they are quite narrow between the legs and my existing liners stuck out of the edges. I wash the BumGenius nappies at 40 degrees and they seem to come out OK but I have suffered with staining, even when using a liner.

BabyKind sell a wide range of reusable cloth nappies and nappy accessories and they stock The Bumgenius V4 nappy in several colours either on their on or in sets (Blossom, Bubble, Butternut, Grasshopper, Noodle, Sweet, Twilight, White).
BumGenius image courtesy of BabyKind
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