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Sunday 17 April 2011

The Sunday Review – Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers

We've been trialling the innovative Bumpsters cot bar bumpers which are quite different to other cot bumpers in their shape and construction and actually seem to solve the problems for which cot bumpers are intended!

When Lara was a small baby, in her crib and then in her cot, I used a single-piece cot bumper. I wasn't quite sure why at first. Just because I owned it, I think. By the time she got to about 3 months Lara would, quite unintentionally, poke her arms out of the side of the crib. The cot bumper, I believe, was supposed to stop her from doing that. The trouble I found was that these days we are taught to place our babies at the base of the crib or cot so that they can't squirm down under the blanket. This meant I didn't know whether the main part of the cot bumper was supposed to protect her head from the cot bars or her feet from the cot bars. I opted for head (it seemed to make sense) but because she was all the way down there, the cot bumper didn't reach down far enough to protect her arms from the cot bars. I couldn't win.

Even when Lara became long enough that the cot bumper did come down around her arms, she still managed to wheedle her arms underneath the bumper and, because it only fastened at the end, and the corners of the cot, I often found her with her arms stuck, or her head stuck between the bars and the bumper. The Bumpsters stop this from happening – phew.

One of my daddy reviewers exclaimed in delight when he first saw the Bumpsters! They make so much sense. Instead of one single flappy hard-to-attach cot bumper, the Bumpsters are a set of individual bumpers that fasten into place easily and can be places wherever you need them in the cot.

Lara is now in a cot bed which has very wide bars at the top and bottom, into which she still pokes her hands when she is sleeping. The Bumpsters are great because it means that I can fasten them around the bars rather than wrapping the enormous cot bumper around her head-rest.

The Bumpsters are made from 100% cotton. They are padded, yet firm (which means your baby can't wheedle their hands under them). There are no risky dangly ties that your baby can get caught up in because they are held in place with a velcro-style fastening. You have the freedom to place when wherever you like. Alongside one another, or beside one another. At the ends or sides of the crib or cot. Basically, wherever you need them most. They come in two different sizes, designed to cater for different widths or spaces of cot bars.

I really like them. I understand them, which is more than can be said for the traditional cot bumper! Although Lara hasn't tried them out on the side of a cot, the feedback from my daddy reviewer was fabulous - easy to use and effective at protecting the side of the cot.

Bumpsters come in three different colours (pink, blue and stone) and can be bought online from Hippychick for around £32.50 for a set.
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