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Sunday 3 April 2011

The Sunday Review – Cotswold Outdoor Children's Products, LittleLife LadyBird Backpack

Now that spring has finally arrived, its time for us to get outdoors as a family and start making the most of our weekends with Lara. Lara has been reviewing the Little Life Ladybird backpack from Cotswold Outdoor.

Quite often Lara gets a bit grumpy when we suggest going out for a walk (this is probably because she knows it means that we're trying to wear her out for a nap!) but this toddler's backpack seems to have changed her mind – see that cheeky smile!

She doesn't like to put anything in it normally but it does have a 3 litre capacity which is plenty of space for a toddler to put their prized possessions such as a plastic comb, a half-eaten biscuit and a toy tractor.

The backpack has a clip at the front to strap the bag on so that it doesn't keep slipping down off their shoulders and the straps are adjustable. It has a zip compartment that contains a lightweight water proof hood (Lara looked very silly wearing it and much preferred to wear a hat). It also has an internal tag onto which you can write your child's name so you have no worries about letting them take it to nursery or pre-school.

The best thing for me, as a mum, about the Little Life ladybird backpack is the attachable toddler strap. I've resisted toddler reins for Lara for as long as possible because until now, she has been incredibly well behaved when walking with me, but the other day Lara and I attempted to cross Waterloo Bridge by foot together in the freezing cold and she insisted on running off away from me, into the crowds and towards the traffic. I decided I had to do something, and the Little Life backpack is the perfect solution. The safety strap is pretty sturdy and is easy for me to hold in my hand or around my wrist. I clip it on to a tiny little hook just behind the bag and then let Lara do her worst. It does sometimes feel a bit like I'm waking a dog but in terms of letting Lara feel like she has her freedom, it has done wonders for our weekend walks.

I've heard people complain about the strap of Little life animal bags pulling the bag down and it not being a strong connection to the bag but I had no problems with the bag at all. Perhaps they've improved the design a little?

Cotswold Outdoor have lots of appealing products, clothing and shoes designed for little adventurers.
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