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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Real Nappies - Tips and Experiences from Real Mums

Welcome to the Real Nappy blogging carnival. I've brought together some of the many blog posts out there that debate the subject of using reusable nappies, offer tips and advice, and share experiences. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

Join the Debate

One of my personal favourite websites to read about reusable and cloth nappies is Really Rachel who is now host to The Great Nappy Debate. Rachel has blogged a lot about the reasons why washables win in her household and since she first started using cloth nappies, has investigated many of the issues surrounding their use, including this article debating whether maybe landfill is best.

At Mummy Do That there is a personal Q&A that answers most of the common questions about, and arguments against using cloth nappies.

Aqeela at Aqeela's Home & Garden wrote a great Q&A that highlights the pros and cons of reusable nappies.

Last summer, I blogged about whether Pampers Dry-Max could make me feel any better about using disposable nappies. On a similar subject, Really Rachel raises her concerns about use of absorbent gel in disposables.

Experiences and Advice
Really Rachel has a good introduction to reusable nappies in Reusable Nappies Explained. About a month after first using reusables, she revisted her experiences

At Diary of a First Child there are several posts about the use of cloth nappies. In part one of her adventures Luschka explains some of the reasons behind her decision to try cloth nappies.. In part two of her adventures in cloth nappies, Luschka explains how personal and online advice helped her to choose the right nappy. You can find out more about her experiences after making the move to reusables here.

You can find a great summary of the different types of reusable nappies at the New Forest Nappy Network. For anyone beginning to consider reusable nappies, their Cloth Nappy FAQ are really helpful. They also buy/sell preloved nappies on their Facebook Shop

Here on Mellow Mummy I've also shared my experiences over the past couple of years. I shared my experiences of managing to use reusable nappies with a childminder. At Christmas time we made the decision to give up using reusables full-time because they couldn't cope with the wetness any longer.

I also recently shared all of my money-saving tips for reusable nappies on a budget at BabyBudgeting.


BumGenius V4 by me, Mellow Mummy!

BumGenius V4 by New Mummy's Tips.

BumGenius V4 by New Mum Online.

BumGenius Mini Socialite by me, Mellow Mummy.

Minky Nappies
Review of the Dalmation nappy from Baba + Boo by New Mummy's Tips.

Tots Bots
Tots Bots by Aqeela's Home & Garden.

OneLife nappy system by me, Mellow Mummy.

Bambino Mio
Bambino Mio by me, Mellow Mummy.

There is a review of the Nappy Wrap Store at Mummy Needs...
Images courtesy of Bambino Mio
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