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Friday 30 December 2011

Gumtree Daily Deals - Bargains for the New Year

As I mentioned just before Christmas, I have been experimenting with group buying sites in order to find a few bargains. Gumtree did some research and found that while 92% of Brits enjoy a bargain, only 68% can be bothered to look for one so they created Gumtree Daily Deals which has reduced-price offers and sends you an email with a summary of offers on a daily basis.

Just before Christmas I was planning a big party for both of our families - we were going to need to buy a WHOLE lot of booze! Thankfully, Gumtree Daily Deals asked me to be one of their guinea pigs and try out their service. I noticed that they had a phenomenal deal of Virgin wines so I went for it - a case worth over £120 was on offer for £60. Half price!

Ordering was soooooo easy. The Gumtree deal gave me a voucher code and a direct link to the Virgin Wines site. I didn't need to browse or faff about selecting specific bottles (it was for a party, people get what they're given!). I had registered with Virgin wines, paid and checked out within about 3 minutes.

Our wine was delivered 48 hours later. Speedy.

We got a really pleasant surprise in that the case of 12 bottles of wine were all wines we would be happy drinking ourselves (based on grape variety... we haven't drunk them all quite yet!) and the case came with a free gift of two large Dartington Crystal red wine glasses. Obviously I haven't been drinking a lot of wine lately but Mr. B and my guests from the day haven't come across a bad wine yet from the bunch. My only slight grudge is that the deal was one of Virgin Wines' regular boxes so we are effectively signed up for a regular wine delivery now and we will have to cancel the contract - I didn't think it made that very clear on the Gumtree site (although it was clear when I logged into Virgin Wines to redeem my voucher).

I receive my daily emails from Gumtree (just one... unlike other group buying sites I know who send you upto 5 a day. Ug) and although I haven't yet been tempted by another offer, the emails haven't annoyed me yet.

I'm hoping to find some good bargains on Gumtree Daily Deals in the new year.
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